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After placing several binary trades on the demo account and double checking the underlying indicative with a different source I still somehow manage to lose positions even though I should be in the money. I think nadex preys on naivety of the retail investor by telling them that theyre "regulated" by the government. They attract people 245 in binary trading courses dont know any better by having low investment cost.

Never trading with them again. Nadex is an Exchange not a brokarage. Theres no one on the other side trading against you. They don't make money on whether or not you win or loose a trade.

They make money from the transaction fee. All they profit on is the traders making purchases on contracts, has nothing to do with the outcome of the trades.

I wonder if the other source you're using calculates the price the same way nadex does. If it doesn't use the same method the two prices could easily be different at expiration. First most obvious point is scamming you in a demo would be the worst idea on a planet 245 in binary trading courses someone was doing this. Which Nadex is not Just something to 245 in binary trading courses about. Scroll down to title: Third, your statement that you checked other sources without quoting them does not really line 245 in binary trading courses What were you looking for It shows there is an obvious misconception about how settlement is calculated.

There really is only one source and that is reuters and there is 245 in binary trading courses one calculation method. I have a reuters data feed and their indicative is spot on as I have tested it more than a few times to check. The indicative is calculated as the last 25 trades mid quotes on forexdropping the highest and lowest 5 numbers and averaging the middle All exchanges have settlement calculations. It also sounds like you're holding to expiration with is usually not a good idea.

That is one of the biggest advantages of nadex. Being able to close before expiration. Like many other trades false assumptions are made and an exchange is blamed. Nadex is not trading against you. Multiple market makers and other traders are. Binaries do have a bad name internationally but Nadex has done a great job of bringing a true exchange model to 245 in binary trading courses. Sort of a top 10 list of differences between Nadex an exchange and the internaitonal non-cftc regulated binary brokers - including settlement differences.

To your point stay in demo and don't trade live till you do full understand the product. We are here to help you. Nadex, futures, forex etc. Zander I can understand you frustration. Just something to think about Second: Here are a few things that may help you in learning more about Nadex. Get Free Futures Data Link: Get Free Forex Data Link:

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