An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets SET

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Learn about the importance of savings. Identify avenues to invest the savings in suitable investment vehicle. Compare historical returns generated by different assets, and know what to expect from you. Find out who and how the regulators govern the financial markets and also understand different types of financial market participants.

Understand the need to regulate the markets. An overview of the financial intermediaries in the Indian stock market and the services they offer. Understand the origins of business and the funding environment of business. Learn about the different funding stages and also learn how funding works. This chapter also helps us understand the different IPO Jargons that are commonly used. We explore the basics of stock trading and understand what makes the stock move on a minute by minute basis.

We also explore concept of return calculation. An overview of the Indian Stock An introduction to trading in the financial markets pdf download Indices, their construction, and practical uses in trading. We also explain in detail on how to short a stock. An introduction to The Trading Terminal, its interface, various functionalities and relevant concepts.

Various corporate actions and the effect they have on the share prices and trading activity. Keys things you need to know before subscribing for a corporate action. An introduction to the various macros economic factors that impact the performance of shares and stock markets. Learn about the importance of developing a Point of View on stock markets, its impact, and its relevance to developing a strategy while trading stocks. The note discovers the various options available to companies to raise funds before and after getting listed in the secondary markets.

The Need to Invest Learn about the importance of savings. An introduction to trading in the financial markets pdf download to Stock Markets 14 chapters 2. Technical Analysis 20 chapters 3. Fundamental Analysis 16 chapters 4.

Futures Trading 12 chapters 5. Options Theory for Professional Trading 23 chapters 6. Option Strategies 13 chapters 7. Markets and Taxation 7 chapters 8. Trading Systems 10 chapters.

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