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For example, Figure 2 apparix 07-261-1+b2 binary shows a probability model, namely the modal choice consistent with the ranking ABC: If a person chooses A over B at least 50, B over Apparix 07-261-1+b2 binary at least 50, and A over C at least 50 of the time, then their binary choice probabilities must lie somewhere in the smaller shaded cube attached to the vertex ABC.

In particular, if a person acts deterministically and chooses A over B 100, B over C 100, and A over C 100 of the time, then this person's (degenerate) choice probabilities coincide with the vertex ABC that has coordinates (1,1,1) and that also represents the deterministic apparix 07-261-1+b2 binary ABC. Next, we proceed to a joint visualization of an algebraic model (KT-V4), a probability model (theoretical modal choice consistent with KT-V4), and empirical data (the observed choice proportions of HDM, DM1, and DM13), again in 3D.

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