The 5 Money Changers in Dubai with Best Exchange Rates

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Marvel at the many man-made wonders in Dubai from the islands of Palm Jumeirah, to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, to the largest best foreign exchange rates dubai center in the world, The Dubai Mall, or the first seven star hotel in the world, Burj Best foreign exchange rates dubai Arab. No matter where you are in Dubai, Get4x can help you find the best exchange rates from money changers in the city.

Just search and select the best exchange rate near you before contacting your chosen best foreign exchange rates dubai changer through the app to confirm the rate. If you are exchanging money in Dubai and that transaction involves AED 2, or the equivalent in other currencies, the money changer will ask for and record identification details such as your name and full address on forms, which will have to be initialed by yourself and the money changer.

For transfers and drafts worth AED 40, the money changer will need to fill out a form that is filed separately. If you are conducting a transaction on best foreign exchange rates dubai of someone else, the money changer will also request for the identification documents of the third party.

If you are transferring money to, or receiving money from a country that does not apply guidelines from the Financial Action Task Force, you may be subject to more stringent regulatory checks. In the event that money changers suspect any incidences of money laundering, they will have to report this to the Central Bank and other regulatory authorities. They are also required to appoint a Compliance Officer to handle regulatory reporting and suspected money laundering cases, as well as conduct compliance training for employees.

Money Changer in Dubai. Looking for the best exchange rates in Dubai? Best rate out of found: Using Get4x in Dubai. Search Select your currencies to discover the best cash exchange rates near you. Select Choose your preferred exchange rate and contact the money changer to confirm a rate. Save Pick up your ordered currency at the money exchange best foreign exchange rates dubai enjoy your savings!

Recommended Money Changers in Dubai. Federal Exchange Naif Details. Alfa exchange Al Sabkha Details. View money changer details. There were some problems with your input.

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