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A new UNL Explorer has been developed and is provided at www. The UNL Explorer provides users with an integrated environment that users can search for and edit knowledge and information based on UNL. Who can use the UDS? How to start on developing a deconversion module? How to start on developing an enconversion module? Intensional Definition-based Inference every UW is given an intentional definition to specify its all the essential properties. Multilingual Information Processability the UNL Explorer allows users to search for information described in whatever language using their native languages, or to provide or edit information using their native languages.

UNL Encyclopedia What it is? The merit of the UNL is that it enables each people to use its native language to share its world of knowledge and culture with other peoples in their respective languages. In present history, interdependence among nations?

But language barriers prevent a fair information flow, access to knowledge, trans-cultural exchanges and mutual understanding among diverse peoples. As a result, conflicts and clashes increase as globalization threatens the identity and survival of local cultures.

The UNL Encyclopedia takes advantage of the ICT media to break down barriers, and to provide all peoples with a platform for sharing their world of art, knowledge, wisdom, values, ways of life, feelings and beliefs with others. Existing encyclopedias, such as the Britannica, Larousse and others, are written in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, and many other languages.

Developing the UNL Encyclopedia consists in describing in UNL the multi-diverse forms of knowledge that exist in texts or in the minds of humankind. The UNL Encyclopedia is a universal multilingual encyclopedia navigating knowledge through the UNL Ontology for human, and provides of necessary knowledge descriptions for computers to process.

Figure 1 shows the structure of the UNL Encyclopedia. In the upper levels of the UW System, knowledge on general concepts, which is considered to be the core of the UNL Encyclopedia, is described. Descriptions of concepts are mainly about what they are, how to make or use them, when they are true, and so on. In the lower levels of the UW System, it is possible to describe not only ordinary specific concepts but also the contents of archives and books.

Whole contents of archives or books are considered as compound concepts. This knowledge constitutes parts of the UNL Encyclopedia: This architecture guarantees every description of knowledge for using other pre-described knowledge, and users can easily find knowledge for UWs crossing encyclopedia descriptions.

Once a new knowledge is registered in the UNL Encyclopedia, it is possible to search and view the knowledge in a desired language using the UNL system. For details see http: UNL Explorer What it is? It provides users with an integrated environment that users can search for and edit knowledge and information based on UNL without language barrier.

Different from any ordinary encyclopedia, instead of a word of a natural language, a UW concept is linked with a UNL Document describing knowledge and information on the UW. In the UNL-based Multilingual Intelligent Information and Knowledge Management System, UWs and binary relations are keys for knowledge and information, UWs are linked with equivalent words of natural languages, and binary relations are enconverted from natural language inputs.

Search can be made about linguistic and semantic knowledge provided by the UNL Ontology and about general knowledge and information provided by UNL Encyclopedia. UWs and binary relations included in UNL Encyclopedia are all keys for knowledge and information in which they included. Whenever if a language server is ready, it can be connected to the UNL Explorer. In near future, query in UNL, English and Japanese will be possible, and search and query will be possible also on English and Japanese web pages of the Internet.

Editing on information is currently limited to authorized developers. This will be improved in future to be based on an openly-editable model. Each possible relation is defined between every two most general UWs that can have the relation. On the UNL Ontology, semantic co-occurrence relation search can be made in three ways: Every search is carried out by inference using the property inheritance mechanism of the UW System.

Search is carried out using the UNL Expression. UNL-based search uses semantic binary relations. This makes it possible to provide less ambiguous results. In addition, by using property inheritance mechanism of the UW System, knowledge and information described by synonyms is possible to provide.

They are necessary and sufficient conditions for belonging to the set class defined by the concept of a UW. This inferential mechanism is used in content search of the UNL Explorer. Multilingual Information Processability The aim of the UNL Explorer is to provide users with an integrated language barrier free environment for access to information.

Through the UNL Explorer, users are able to search for information described in whatever language using their native languages, or users are able to provide or edit information using their native languages. For these purposes, it is necessary to have information and knowledge in UNL.

Once they are in UNL, they can be used in search from any language. And, it is necessary to increase the number of language servers to deal with conversion between a natural language and UNL. The UNL Explorer can be accessed at www. UNL Platform What it is? It provides users with an integrated environment that users can produce UNL Documents from natural languages and vice versa.

Depending on the needs or purposes of users, the UNL Platform provides different levels of functions to meet the needs. In the simple mode of enconverting process, word selection can be manually done by users in a simple way. In the professional mode, modifications on dictionary entries of words or morphemes are possible in word selection. With this function users can produce accurate UNL Expressions. In near future Chinese language will be included.

An automatic enconversion allows user to directly convert a sentence into a UNL Expression. Word selection-based enconversion offers a way to generate accurate UNL Expressions. Word modification-based enconversion provides users with the means to control and obtain accurate UNL Expressions.

In addition, a semantic annotation-based enconversion will be also possible. If a HTML document is inputted, sentence detection and retrieval are automatically carried out. The layout information is used to form a target language HTML document.

With this function, the UNL Platform can be used to translate a web page. This tool provides various functions to help to improve or develop rules and dictionary of enconversion and deconversion. Using this tool, users can edit existing conversion rules and dictionary entries or start to create rules and dictionary entries for a new language. The UNL Platform can be accessed at www.