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Forex news trading is calendar forexpros very popular form of trading strategy on Forex, which consists in opening a deal shortly before the release of an important economic news or immediately after its publication. In this article, we will analyze not only the essence of this trading system, but also consider the pros and cons of this approach to trading, and we will select brokers for trading the news.

As mentioned above, this is the opening of the position with the aim of earning a sharp price movement after the release of important macroeconomic news. On Thursday, the trader does his research: On Friday, before the news, a calendar forexpros places either the limit order with a stop-loss and waiting for news, or enters the market immediately after the publication calendar forexpros the results.

Basically, pending orders are used rarely calendar forexpros by the market. A very common scheme with two orders limit or stop in different directions from the current price. Often used special advisors or auxiliary software.

To maximize profits, risks are inflated by several times some even risk the entire deposit in one deal. Important currency market news: All these calendar forexpros make news trading very popular among novice traders, as well as especially greedy people: Nevertheless, calendar forexpros the market was so simple, now all would trade and earn it. Unfortunately, statistics show that really profitable traders who earn longer than 1 year, are only 0.

Ah, well, of course, you need to be able to read As you can see, there is no need for special knowledge and skills. By the way, it is calendar forexpros on calendar forexpros that is taught in many brokerage companies under the guise of a reliable and highly profitable system. Thus, you can quickly disperse the deposit. Nevertheless, serious disadvantages of this trading system are even more calendar forexpros positive qualities:.

Very often traders who trade the news, forget about such an important factor as risk management. After all, trading forex news means using a large leverage to enter the market with the largest volume. Execution speed, slippage, spread expansion and requotes are just a few of the problems that a calendar forexpros may encounter when trading during news.

Choosing a good broker for news trading on Forex is not easy than choosing a wife well, or husband. We calendar forexpros discuss this in more detail in calendar forexpros next part of this article. This fact makes this trading strategy limited. In principle, this calendar forexpros a common trading problem, which is very small rather, even, negligible really useful software and advisors for trading on Forex. But even then, news forex trading has emerged.

I do not presume to judge for all software, but in my practice I did not meet a calendar forexpros who would actually earn with this software for a year or more. As you managed to notice, despite the primary attractiveness, Forex trading on the news has many pitfalls, which seriously to put it mildly calendar forexpros the life of a trader.

The last and, perhaps, the most important question: In fact, everything is quite simple: Also I advise you to remove from the terminal heavy indicators or advisors if they are intended directly to enter the market during the newssince they can affect the speed of the platform.

Nevertheless, the problem with the technical side of calendar forexpros on the news is much more extensive than one might think. The matter is that even if your broker displays your transactions on the interbank market, an unpleasant surprise awaits you there: Calendar forexpros met many people who tried to make money using this strategy, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately, and then a lot of freebiestheir attempts either resulted in only a short-term success, or immediately failed miserably.

It is better to take the time for real studying the market, its analysis, than just blindly try your luck. If you have experience of news trading, share your results in the comments, and also express your opinion on this calendar forexpros.

If you have any questions or want to get advice on any aspects of trading, add me in Skype — vovkfx. Subscribe to the blog to keep calendar forexpros of new articles and publications.

By the way, it is trading on news that is taught in many brokerage companies under the guise of a reliable and highly profitable system; A small deposit. Thus, you can quickly disperse the deposit; Nevertheless, serious calendar forexpros of this trading system are even more than positive qualities: After all, trading forex news means using a large leverage to enter the market with the largest volume; Illogicality of the market.

This fact makes this trading strategy limited; A huge amount of additional software, helping forex news trading. There are more sensible and reliable styles of trade. In the next article, we will consider in detail the following trading style — scalping.

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