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I especially remember one day during an MPC statement. The market became so active that I saw opportunities everywhere. I felt like every decision I made was great, every trade I did was successful currency trading jobs in india I got into a good flow.

I wanted this day to never end. I was so busy I currency trading jobs in india forgot to blink. Those are the days when all preparation and experience pays off. Of course it is not always like that. Trading is stressful and can be frustrating too. My way of coping is to do sport for relaxation. I go running and also go to work by bike every day. It is really important to me that Currency trading jobs in india do this, and helps me to recharge my batteries.

My love of trading is about finding an edge and developing a strategy in Sterling and Euribor and seeing consistent results. Back in OctoberI predicted it would be a very warm winter which would lead to a steep fall in Natural Gas prices and spreads at the end of the year.

On January 4 thNASA confirmed it as the warmest winter since records began and Natural Gas prices and spreads fell throughout the winter. I still remember how I felt currency trading jobs in india day after the job interview for the role of junior trader. The office has a really warm atmosphere, with very nice people. I am so appreciative of this opportunity, and I want currency trading jobs in india learn more to become one of the best traders in OSTC.

There is still a long way to go though! I love this job and sometimes think I was just born to be a trader. He first applied in but his application was rejected. Undeterred he demonstrated one of the key attributes of a trader, currency trading jobs in india, and successfully reapplied intaking on-board his previous feedback.

Car-Wai built up good results in the energy markets over the first 3 years, cementing his product mix around these crude oil and distillate markets, particularly on the ICE exchange. This strategy really suits me and I feel offers the best consistency in results. Upon completion of my course, I applied for the Graduate Trader Programme and after rigorous rounds of interviews got selected as one of the recruits for the new batch to start training in May Since starting, I have had an ever expanding product mix and range of strategies which lead to my performance improving day by day.

Having had an entrepreneurial mindset from the start, I wish to partner with OSTC on joint venture initiatives in the years to come. Currency trading jobs in india as long as I can remember I always wanted a job in the financial markets industry.

When I saw how the live futures markets looked and how they behaved I was even more confident that I wanted to be a part of the OSTC team. I did not have a lot of experience in trading but the training I received during my first weeks as a professional futures trader was more than enough.

The rest, however, was up currency trading jobs in india me. I always remind myself that self-discipline and a trading plan is what currency trading jobs in india need; these are the two key factors that can help you to achieve success. Trading was an industry that Sophie knew very little about but was intrigued by the potential earnings and the prospect of working with numbers in currency trading jobs in india challenging environment.

Originating from South Devon, Sophie was keen to avoid relocating to the city of London but wanted to explore her new found interest for financial markets in an environment that had a similar essence to home. At present Sophie is one of a handful of female traders in the office.

In an industry that is associated with a dominant male culture times are changing but the large majority of OSTC applications still come from men. The earning potential and autonomy would be difficult to find anywhere else. Work life balance is currency trading jobs in india to Sophie and she feels that OSTC provides a strong workplace culture that encourages a healthy social calendar outside of the office.

Sophie believes that adaptability and confidence are key to becoming a successful trader however she explains at the start of her career it was highly important to be self-motivated in times where there were limited rewards. Mostly Brent Crude Oil and Gasoil. Now, 3 and a half years on, I continually set myself targets, they can vary from small daily goals up to a yearly target. Trading results have excelled for Sophie currency trading jobs in india so far has been no different in terms of her progression.

Last summer she spent time in Hangzhou assisting with the development of Junior Traders in our new China office. My only experience of trading until recently was from our Swansea floor. It really helped me appreciate that the numbers I see on the screen everyday reflect market participants from all over the world. My access to the market is equal to that of a trader in London, Chicago or New York.

Electronic markets have made this career available to people like me. Outside of work Sophie enjoys exercising as much as she can and is also an exceptional pianist and cook. Playing the piano provides Sophie with a much needed break away from the trading screens and also allows her to unwind after a tough day.

I was very interested in trading from my college days. I read a lot about it, understood what it is and how it works and found it very challenging. OSTC is a place that gives both opportunity and time for a trader to learn and develop. The hardest thing about trading is that there are days you lose money no matter what you do. Staying currency trading jobs in india and confident after taking the losses is really hard. Discipline is the most important trait one must master to be successful, along with risk taking ability.

I found the role very interesting as everyday was different, from assisting the Office Managers, to being involved with the traders, it was a very fast paced role. OSTC came to my college and offered lucrative career prospects in capital market — something every finance graduate dreams of.

Before joining, all I knew of trading was the famous stock market crashes, everything we had been taught was theoretical in academia. Every day currency trading jobs in india different you make peace with it. The confidence in yourself and dedication towards markets are the only things that count; passion, discipline and commitment are what you need. This dream started from my bachelor period, during which time, I found the financial markets so fascinating.

It is like a puzzle to me, which can never be fully solved. People express themselves in it, and get rewarded or punished if they are right or wrong. People experience a lot in it, joy and pain, glory and failure. Currency trading jobs in india gradually evolved from an investor, an algorithm trader to a OSTC trader.

I think the essence of profits are the same: When I started my adventure with financial markets I never thought I would call myself a trader. I started with putting my money into investment funds, then moved to stocks and finally ended up trading futures contracts on my own. I wanted to learn more about financial markets even though it was not part of my studies. After some time I was spending more time trading than attending classes at university. After that there was no coming back. I knew being a trader would be my way of living.

It is more a way of living, a challenge, a battle of minds and numbers. OSTC as an employer gives you a chance not only to watch the markets from the front row but to actually become part of financial world. They provide you with the best analytical tools, access to market data and news. But most important thing is the unique atmosphere on the trading floor and the people that create it.

All of this has made me think that after almost five years of successes, failures, hard work and experience, I can finally call myself a Trader. Since I was a kid I have been excited about the financial markets. Blinking numbers and charts in the movies about currency trading jobs in india markets always captured my imagination. In order to get my dream currency trading jobs in india I started my lectures at the University of Economics in Poznan choosing finance and accountancy faculty.

Although I have broadened my knowledge about financial markets, I felt something was missing and the subject of study I chose did not fully cover what I had wanted to learn about. Therefore I started visiting library looking for literature about, for example, technical analysis or tried to find interesting, non obligatory lectures in the field I was interested in rather than to participate in boring classes.

During one of such lectures conducted by OSTC managers I learnt about the company currency trading jobs in india opportunity they offer. I realized immediately currency trading jobs in india I want to work for them. I felt that my dream job is now so close.

I applied and started attending lectures conducted by OSTC managers. It was great opportunity for me to meet people who currency trading jobs in india deal with capital markets. I have had a rather difficult start. I had to acquire a lot of new knowledge and learn the trading strategy that OSTC uses. Of course I had moments of weakness when I was thinking I did not know what and how to trade. However, the more time I spent in the office, currency trading jobs in india more I understood and finally I found my own way of trading.

Long conversations with senior traders who showed me what to look for in the markets and what to pay attention to were very helpful. The support from my managers who believed in my true potential was crucial to my development as a full-time futures trader.

It is stressful and very demanding. This is a job only for market enthusiasts. The most exciting time in trading, in my opinion, is the first month of trading real money.

You will have moments of extreme happiness and pride as you make a profit, but also moments of anger and despair as you take a loss.

I will never forget the excitement of making my first ever trade. This is the most exciting time for an average or less experienced trader however, for the truly successful and experienced trader the most exciting thing is when the market becomes extremely volatile during economic turmoil. For the seasoned trader who knows how to hedge and can tell a good risk from a bad one, times like these are like open season on the unsuspecting economy.

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