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See Shared Stand-alone Storage. Yet another architectural edifice from IBM — vintage March This one was designed to provide consistent interfaces across the products which conform to it.

However, the real function of SAA was to provide an infrastructure for distributed and cooperative processing, and for presenting the most complex diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option as a single system image.

It did a lot of good in helping IBM and the mainframe industry rationalize its product lines and standards, and has now been allowed to gently expire. Provides APPN network node routing and end-node user support.

Announced in May as OfficeVision. See Personal Application System. Special display on mainframe system consoles providing dynamic details of processor activity. Used by various subsystems, including CICS. Consortium originally called SmartOffice set up by IBM at the beginning of to develop and promote standards for connecting office equipment. Method of reading sequential datasets — from the beginning to the required record. Souped-up version of the original SAM sequential access method.

The main innovation is that it supports sequential data striping. UntilSAM-E was a separate software product. See also SAM 1. Lotus software supporting extended teams with instant messaging. Sametime for mobile devices. Typically, a disk drive subsystem attached via fiber to a network, accepting and processing requests from multiple platforms.

The promised mainframe version has yet to materialize. There are application-specific packages including Ledgers and Supply Chain. Originally San Franciscobut the blank was removed beginning with Version 1 Release 3. Leader in the ERP 1 market. Solution Assurance Product Review. Yet another code name for the machine variously called Summit and Planet.

According to IBM, Satellite was introduced to put analysts off the track about the development. Software Analysis Test Tool. At one time, a rumored bit operating environment on top-end mainframe machines. A character set in which a character is represented by a single byte i.

Times must be really hard when you have to sell your last three satellites to keep the wolf from the door. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. Generic term for software that collects data from industrial shop floors, and uses it for applications such as simple control, monitoring, trend identification, and transfer of data to other systems.

The ability of an architecture to run across a number of different size processors. Within most programming languages a scalar is a number, or a variable which holds a number. Scalar is also used to refer to computers which carry out a single arithmetic operation per computer instruction cf.

In the communications environment, a scanner is a device, normally within a FEPwhich scans and controls the transmission lines. Also known as a line adapter. A device for capturing a graphical image in digital form.

See Scanmaster, For reading the UPC on retail products, typically at a cash register in a store. See also xx. Subsystem Control Block architecture. MCA standard for bus interfaces. The file which contains the SMS 1 rules.

The part of the CEC which controls data movement between the processors and central storage, and to and from the ICE 1. All data passes though the SCE, and the efficiency of the SCE at handling data transfers is what determines how well the processor complex handles multiprocessing. The SCE board may also have some main storage on it. Single User Console Facility.

Software Configuration and Library Manager. There is also an API for integration with other diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option, as well as user exits. Software house which develops Unix systems for Intel-based PCs. Yet another IBM name for a discount scheme. Hard drives used in some and models. The core component of an operating system. The maximum average rate at which an ATM 2 end system can transmit cells into the network.

Lotus PC screen recording software. Typically used to demonstrate a nother software product in action. The recording is known as a movie. Creates GUI s for diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option and applications, without touching the host application: Also provided access to database services.

Software enabling a PC to read text aloud through a suitable synthesizer. Designed to help blind people use the PC. A programming technique for interacting with diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option host applications that generate text-only display output.

The display output is read scraped right off a virtual screen by the workstation-based software and input generated on a virtual keyboard. What the user sees is quite different, and usually includes a GUI. It can be very effective in giving an application a new look.

With enough analysis, it can also eliminate a lot of tedious interaction, assuming the host application had to some eliminate, of course.

Easel and Mozart can be used to do this sort of thing. The graphical interface to SystemView — diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option September The formatting component of diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option DCF system.

The much-delayed, hardware-independent, multimedia scripting language that had been under development by Kaleida. Version 1 was finally released in just as it and Kaleida were folded back into Apple. And neither have been heard from since. A DB2 cursor allows a program to remember where it is in a query result table, and to get back there at some future point.

Scrolling allows the cursor to be moved, such as to the next row. Without scrollable cursors, applications have to cache all of the required data for later use, or reinvoke the query to reposition within the result table.

Constant reading and rewriting of unused central and expanded storage memoryand monitoring for errors, even soft errors where the data was successfully recovered, to ensure early detection of failures. A feature of eserver zSeries storage arrays. A sequence of control commands that allows sophisticated operation of printers and other devices. Makes up for the limitations of the DSC.

Small Computer Systems Interface. A non-proprietary interface for microcomputers and their devices. Very fast parallel interface used for hard disks, backup tapes, etc. Typically used diversification strategy business dictionary scp binary option servers and some client workstations in organizations, but EIDE has remained the interface of choice for the home and office Intel-based workstation.

See also Serial Storage Architecture. The unit of the IBM mainframe hardware which executes the instructions. Also known within IBM as a parasite. Shielded twisted pair Distributed Data Interface. It can even convert from one to another. Fields are filled with trailing blanks so that each column starts in the same character position for each row in a database table. Much as fields are stored in VSAM and other files used by mainframe applications.

SDF is used as a data interchange format. See Software Delivery and Fulfillment. European standard for fiber networks which has been put together specifically for technologies such as ATM 2. Synchronous Data Link Control.

SDLC is typically used over telephone lines leased line or dial-up and may include a multi-drop connection to several different devices. System Development Life Cycle. A generic term for any organized way of planning and building a computer-based solution. Pre-packaged software, usually an operating system.

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