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On Friday afternoon, Bosh was standing on a basketball court in Ghana dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance, miles away from Miami when his cell phone buzzed with a text message from James. James' decision came as a surprise, but Bosh didn't have much time to react while he was working a basketball camp with Dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance Africa.

Even though the run with James in Miami is over, Bosh won't be holding a grudge against James. And that didn't take long to take shape. The Heat had competition. After considering "strong" offers from multiple teams, including the Houston RocketsDenver NuggetsPhoenix Suns and Los Angeles LakersBosh ultimately decided dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance return to the Heat later that night.

I think it was the right choice. I benefit from it, the team will benefit from it, from here. My heart was in Miami. I wanted to be there and keep my family there and build relationships and really keep building on something special. Bosh, 30, will be under contract with the Heat through the end of the season, when he will be 35 years old. This was a family decision for James, and it was no different for Bosh, who lives in Miami Beach with his wife and two young children. That will never change.

As you move forward, you appreciate those moments and keep going forward. Bosh and Wade have had discussions about leading the team back to title contention without James. Bosh believes the Heat will remain title contenders as long as they keep adding pieces to the supporting cast. But you know a team like the Spurs, they had a lot of guys that people underestimate, but as a team, they were outstanding. It all starts with Bosh and Wade being leaders to a younger team that features Norris Colefirst-round draft pick Shabazz Napier and possibly draft pick James Ennis, who has been impressive as a wing player in this year's summer league.

Starting point guard Mario Chalmers will also return, after reportedly agreeing to a two-year deal. Next season figures to be much different for Bosh. Bosh is set to be the focal point of the Heat's offense, a role he hasn't been assigned since he left Dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance.

Last season he averaged just That meeting was when Bosh first seriously dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance that James might part ways.

Without talking about a plan to reconvene, Bosh understood the three stars would not be making their free-agency plans in concert. That wasn't like a top-secret meeting," Bosh said. It was just friends having lunch. It wasn't what everybody thought it was. It was more so all of us being able to come together and have a nice lunch without having to talk about the madness that was about to happen.

According to Bosh, James stayed mum about his future over that lunch. There was no grand plan or discussion about how many years they might want to sign for. It was clear, coming out of that meeting, that they would decide their future separately. Ultimately, James took a two-year deal with Cleveland while Bosh re-upped for five. Even though no terms were discussed over lunch, Bosh could feel something was up. The Big Three era might be over in Miami. Nobody wanted to tire themselves out dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance trying to formulate a plan.

Instead, we [were] going through making this decision separately. That was how it was supposed to be. We made our decision to come together separately, and [James] made his decision separately as well. We always have to do what's best for yourself. With me coming in there right away, we could be a championship contending team. Bosh ended up choosing family and familiarity. He'll have a much greater role offensively, a challenge he believes he's ready for after playing mostly outside of the spotlight the past four seasons.

I haven't had to be that guy. I played with the best player in the world. I didn't have to be the alpha. But now, I get to see if I have it in me, and not many people are going to believe I have what's necessary. But that's what makes it exciting. I'm more mature, my game is more mature and I can do a bunch of things on and off the court to fully maximize this team's potential.

Bosh isn't lacking for confidence these days after receiving a max deal from the Heat. He insists he'll be playing with a chip on his shoulder, to disprove the doubters who say he can't lead a winning team as a No.

When asked about who'd win a possible Cavs-Heat matchup on opening night, Bosh left no doubt where his head is at. If anything, I'm going to have a bigger chip on my shoulder.

Maybe people in Miami really don't know that side of me, but I want something more than just to compete. I believe in our ability, no matter who I'm playing with. You ask me 10 times, 10 times I'll say yes.

It's a monster deal for Bosh. Bosh says his belief in the Heat organization begins at the very top, and he's ready for the road ahead. Those guys believed in me. They stepped up to the plate, and I'm going to do the same for them. Bosh plans to stay in Ghana for a few days before returning dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance to Miami at the end of the month. One thing he wants to clear up: Toronto Bosh is long gone, and that's not a necessarily a bad thing.

It's funny, even all the way over here in Africa, people are telling me, 'We need CB4 back. That's exciting for me to really challenge myself and step up to the plate next year and make sure we get dwight howard trade options haberstroh insurance done, no matter what happens.

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Two young superstars, two very different ways of announcing their future intentions — of course people would compare the two, and of course Durant would come out looking much better.

He is too good to be true in this respect and pretty much is in a basketball respect, too. Everything Durant has ever done indicates his humble persona is not an act in the least, and it is completely unrealistic to expect anyone with his combination of youth, talent, and wealth to act that way. Darnell Mayberry passes along a Portland radio station report saying that Thunder assistant GM Rich Cho will interview for the vacant Portland general manager position.

The three could form the core of the team with Durant as one of the most, if not the most dangerous offensive player to take the court during the tournament. Is it just me or does anyone else kind of like listening to Aldrich talk? And a video interview with Aldrich by Brian Davis. And what goes around comes around. Now Durant can keep Presti. Perhaps not the best. The out-of-work of Kevin Pritchard. Lots of good GMs out there.

But Presti is the hottest. Just 34 years old and in virtually no time took a floundering franchise, stripped it down and built it back into the envy of most of the league.

Chris Mannix of SI writes the lockout will happen: Tuesday Bolts — 7. Sorry that you have to get up earlier, Royce, but I enjoy having my morning Bolts a bit earlier ;. I don't remember any CBA negotiations in american basketball, baseball, hockey, or football where the sides were not 'miles apart'.

I know it's not basketball related, but I just saw that George Steinbrenner passed away this morning. While there is a lot of negative things to be said for how he ran the Yankees' organization, you can't discount the impact he had on pro sports. Their first proposal was ridiculous.

Immediate paycuts for everyone, now and forever. Pretty much sums it up. Employing the star-studded template of a point guard, wing scorer and big man, imagine this triumvirate: Depending on how the new collective bargaining agreement shakes out, it could be a viable scenario down the road.

Howard and Paul each control their destiny in the summer of , as they have player options for the season. Should the two opt out of their respective contracts with Orlando and New Orleans, the potential is there for a more powerful union than the one we just witnessed.

Still, we can dream right? Especially when one just became a reality. I love this quote: I agree, big change, but I like the move.

It's clear the Jazz weren't gonna work with Boozer as their primary big. I think it's a good gamble. This is kinda like watching Thabo hitting open 3 pointers.

Does anyone with an insider account want to give me a summary of what Haberstroh wrote about us and the Heat? The Jazz weakness last year was their defense and Al Jefferson is probably one of the few forwards they could have found who is worse than Boozer defensively. I don't think they are going to stop anyone. It seems more like a desperation Boozer band aid than a calculated decision.

Sad couple of days This team is already better. Just because it is a young team. And the only way is up. Time is the biggest draft pick this team has. And with the addition of a D Cook. Hes played under a winner in wade. Also a Aldrich who is a big presence down low.

I have no problem we are going to be better then last year. In that presser, Brooks says that he really likes the 9-man rotation, but that there are minutes to be had. KD is the only one he said is guranteed minutes. This is about the 12th minute. So basically, expect a mostly 9-man rotation, but perhaps we'll see a 10th man getting some minutes as well. With a 10 man rotation. We can run the system Paul Westhead ran with the lakers. I think it's almost impossible not to like Cole Aldrich as a Thunder fan when you hear him speak and see what he's all about.

Boy I hope he's as good on the court as he has been in his interviews. Im sure we will here a little more on this as we get closer. But i wonder what happens if there is a lockout for season ticket holders? Do they give us a refund on the games that were missed? Just curious if anyone knows how that works. Glad Aldrich finally got his tooth fixed.

Seems like a good kid. Seems like your new job is making you get up earlier Royce. There is a reason these owners are giving out these idiotic contracts, when they try to cut salaries and change the contract lengths and annual raises they are going to try to get those same changes applied to current contracts.

If we rewind to the last lockout, so many players were living paycheck to paycheck that when the lockout came the majority of these guys went broke and ended up caving. Thats probably whats going to happen this time unless NBA players suddenly all got much smarter with their money These kids are so ill prepared. It'll be a big change for them Most interesting to me will be Jefferson's passing.

The counter-point to the "Al is a black hole" argument is that he never had anyone around him. Utah has the personnel around him that can abuse double teams against Jefferson. Will be interesting to see the final verdict on that. Kahn has been making some surprisingly smart moves this offseason.

Collectively, again using Paul's injury-free season, this group would edge the Miami trio with a total of Yeah, the Utah move was definitely one of desperation, but I think in the end it wasn't much less than a lateral move at worst, and the scenario has some upside for Utah.

This'll be Al Jeff's first go round on a competitive team. Considering Boozer was gone either way, Al Jeff's contract is a pretty damn good return on that trade exception. I'll be interested to see what happens either way. They're 'kilometers apart', which is totally different.

Plus you have your family and really close friends that you help out, plus all your other "friends" that suddenly appear. Sorry I have been busy and have not been by much lately, what was everyones response to David Lee getting 80 million?

This whole situation cannot be good for either side to drag this thing out to where games are missed. I think this will have a tremendous effect on ticket sales for next year league wide. So the owners would lose quite a bit from that aspect alone i would think. Chandler to Toronto deal has been canceled, so my hope of landing Kristic's replacement is still alive! I knew it'd only be a matter of time before someone snapped up Cho; I just wish it wasn't this offseason and I wish it wasn't the Blazers.

Presti, Pritchard, and Ferry all left the Spurs and R. Buford seems to have weathered those storms just fine. Utah basically sign and traded Carlos Boozer for Al Jefferson. And to see what Big Al's lack of passing does to Sloan's offense. Anyone have Insider so I can hear more about this!!! Somebody has to know what the scoop is on THIS? Utah sends two first rounders and the TPE for Jefferson.

Can't believe how low his value got. The Wolves are using the cap space they got in the trade to sign It just adds to the trainwreck for Minny. Wonder if another win season would lead to Kahn's ouster next season. I mean there's nothing in that Sports Grid article that I haven't said or thought myself, but I'm a home town biased fan. When I said Kevin Durant had the heart of the guy making it on heart alone, and the talent of the guy making it on talent alone, it was understandable for me because I'm too emotionally close to be unbiased.

Magically Pure Basketball Superhero" is the basic narrative of his national media coverage then I get a bit worried what happens when it is decided he hasn't lived up to his mythological expectations.