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Being a long-established bank, KTB has built a consolidated, family-like relationship with its customers and provides high-quality services through its commitment to outstanding teamwork.

The banking sector in Taiwan is a notably overcrowded market: The average productivity of KTB employees has been the highest out of all 39 banks in Taiwan for three consecutive years. However, even in the face of such trials, KTB is confident of its abilities.

Overbanking has been a major challenge for the banking industry in Taiwan for the last few decades: Most forex ktb now set increasingly higher targets for fee income — sometimes more than forex ktb percent of their total annual turnover. As mentioned, overbanking is a [huge challenge].

Forex ktb the field of wealth management, client-bank relationships are built on various aspects of business relationships: The very deep and thorough relationship and good service provided by KTB has turned such a challenge into an opportunity. How does KTB differ from its competitors in the region? Most banks set ever-higher fee income targets, ignoring the expected market situation. Therefore, our financial advisors are able to provide proper advice based on client need, rather than commission [and rewards].

We tend to advise clients to [hold onto] forex ktb funds longer in order to match the longer-term profit target of fund managers in question. Furthermore, short-term trading in mutual funds is strictly forbidden at KTB, whereas forex ktb banks are actually encouraging trading with cycles.

We have never forex ktb an AO call system in this bank, which would assign each client to a designated financial advisor. It is the bank itself that clients are forex ktb, not individual [advisors] — clients expect to receive service from the bank, and so they should feel free to deal with anyone working in this bank. We never in any way differentiate high net worth individuals HNWIs from other clients, and, as a community bank, we provide full product lines to all clients.

While it is more lucrative to [focus our efforts on] HNWIs, forex ktb understand that with our limited capacity and [narrow] product lines, KTB might not forex ktb their first choice of bank. The financial crisis in almost brought down the [entire banking sector], as clients seriously suffered from investing in Lehman Brothers-related financial products.

Thousands of [client complaints] swarmed in. It was at this time that I was invited to join the bank, to make a change in the beginning of Like most of the banks in Taiwan at that time, KTB cared primarily about sales volume and fee incomes, and so mis-selling followed suit.

Having been in the civil service industry for more than 10 years prior, I tend to care more about clients than fee income, and so I introduced in-depth professional training to all of our financial advisors in order to greatly improve their professionalism. I took a forex ktb approach to provide financial solution to clients. I take the view that a product itself is neutral in nature, and it is the forex ktb behind it that makes a difference: As a forex ktb, a good understanding of the purpose and the right strategy to apply to products are the keys to good wealth management.

Teamwork [between] financial advisors and the product research team is the key to our success. What makes your wealth management model unique?

I ask my colleagues forex ktb think internationally while serving locally. We aim to help our clients to accumulate and increase assets by applying suitable financial concepts forex ktb ideal forex ktb towards different financial forex ktb, with the product risk always in mind. KTB has 64 branches in operation on the island.

Most of these branches are located in the southern part of Taiwan, with many in the countryside, where the community connection is stronger than in other areas. In these areas, banking is a highly respected industry, and cash deposits through counter service were very often the daily routine for many of our clients.

Forex ktb branches are [located in the hometowns of] many clients, and so they are often very deeply involved in the activities in the community, such as local festivals. As KTB has always [prided itself on being] forex ktb community bank, we care about whatever our clients care about. How has being a small, community bank benefited KTB? KTB is a relatively small bank in Taiwan, in terms of the number of branches, clients, employees and assets under management.

Such a limited capacity seems to makes no economic sense in running a commercial banking business, but at KTB we try to turn disadvantages into merits.

Among our 64 branches, 29 are located in Tainan, where the bank started its operations decades ago. A further 10 are in Forex ktb, and forex ktb are in Yunlin.

This high density of branches in three cities in fact provides a very comprehensive service network for clients — instead of competing against each other, branches cooperatively share clients and provide good service. The small size of our workforce makes each employee more valuable: In fact, the average productivity of KTB employees has been the highest of all 39 banks in Taiwan for three consecutive years. What are your ambitions for the future? I have the ultimate dream of building a sustainable business model of wealth management.

In reality, fee incomes come from transactions, and more transactions means more income for the bank. A sustainable model of wealth management asks for investment discipline, and the fee will follow suit. Regular savings plans are the best example of this model.

Our feasible and profitable model will be composed of clients who forex ktb the rationale behind it, financials advisors who do not hunger for fee income, supporting product teams and endorsement from the [decision-making] level of the bank.

Furthermore, based on the family-like relationship between clients and KTB, we aim to become a family financial consultant, providing a full range of family asset-related services, including inheritance, trust, pension schemes and tax advisory schemes, just to name a few. Previous article Futures are still the future. Next article Smarter cities can and will be built in Belgium.

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