Forex News Trading – Should You Do It?

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Occasionally price is able to accelerate further forex news fade strategy dubai any Forex trader might expect. In these cases, the price has a strong impulse or thrust and it keeps extending to new extremes. Although catching such an impulsive trade is great, what does a trader do when they missed the gravy train?

Traders could attempt to trade to the opposite direction. The probability of price moving in the same direction eventually decreases and a counter momentum opportunity arises. And how does an FX trader enter such a trade?

Usually speaking I am an advocate of trading with the momentum and I attempt to enter such a trade either at forex news fade strategy dubai breakout itself or shortly after a breakout. In certain cases entering a trade when there is a high chance that momentum is fading could be equally lucrative. In these cases the chances of a bounce shortcounter momentum long or reversal very long occurring are high because the original momentum just has to forex news fade strategy dubai at one point or another: The danger of these setups is that traders often anticipate the turning moment too soon.

There are methods how Forex traders can improve their odds of catching a bounce or counter momentum:. This market offered similar opportunities but on different currency pairs. However, the breakout occurred then the RSI already was near an oversold value dark red circle and hence a bounce back up has occurred in the meantime. The downtrend momentum could continue as soon as this upside retracement is finished so I am keeping a close eye on 4-hour candle stick patterns at the broken trend line up to the top for potential shorts.

Just be cautious with trading against a bigger trend or when chart patterns emerge: Usually, the 2 following scenarios occur after the momentum dies out: Price forex news fade strategy dubai slow and tedious, which is a sign of flag or wedge. Check whether the previous momentum was against the trend because then there is a higher chance that a thrust will occur to the opposite side be more cautious when momentum is with the trend!

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