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Furthermore, there was an attempt to remove an unusually large amount of gold from vaults in the basement of the World Trade Center at the time of the attacks, which indicates that other people may have known in advance about the attacks and, based on their foreknowledge, tried to get the gold out before it became buried in the rubble of the Twin Towers.

Whoever was transporting the gold away from the vaults apparently abandoned their vehicle and escaped to safety before the towers collapsed, which suggests they were warned in advance about the collapses and were consequently able to get away before the buildings came down. Only a limited amount of information has been reported about these incidents, which are described below, and so it is difficult to determine exactly what happened. However, the details that have been reported certainly seem suspicious and so there is surely a need to look into these events closely.

A Brink's armored truck, driven by year-old Joseph Trombino, had arrived at the World Trade Center sometime before 8: He stayed with the vehicle while three colleagues who were with him passed on the cash to some Bank of Nova Scotia guards, who put it into canvas carts to be taken to a vault in the tower. He was in the truck at 8: After the crash, Trombino's colleagues were gold under world trade center 9 11 from the tower.

However, although he was parked just feet from an exit, Trombino stayed with his vehicle. Although Trombino had left the vehicle by then, he was killed in the collapse. Lieutenant William Keegan, who was in charge of the Port Authority Police Department's nighttime rescue and recovery operation at Ground Zero, was promptly called and told about the discovery.

Keegan immediately called Brink's and passed on the news. He was told during the call that the vehicle's driver, Trombino, was still missing. He then headed out to help recover the vehicle. After Keegan reached the location of the truck, recovery workers cleared away enough rubble to look into the cab, to see if Trombino's dead body was inside.

They found that the cab was empty, thus showing that Trombino left the vehicle before the Gold under world trade center 9 11 Tower collapsed on September Keegan then wanted to get into the back of the truck, to remove the diamonds and bonds.

The back of the truck was presumably locked, since recovery workers cut into the roof with a circular saw and created an opening to get inside.

A Port Authority Police Department officer went through the opening and gold under world trade center 9 11 the vehicle to inspect it, and found it was empty. Trombino's body was subsequently found, although it is unclear when it was discovered.

Trombino's wife, Jean Trombino, said in January that she had been told the body had been found but not where it was found. She said the family had asked where it was discovered but, she commented, "I guess we haven't gotten the right person yet. However, according to Keegan, the diamonds and bonds that had been in Trombino's truck were never recovered. What should I do? Trombino made the call gold under world trade center 9 11 9: This was the last time anyone heard from him, she said.

Trombino, though, remained with his vehicle. In light of the conditions he described when he called Brink's, he should surely have thought he might be in danger and needed to get away from the North Tower as quickly as possible.

He told the dispatcher gold under world trade center 9 11 "the walls around him were starting to crumble and water was seeping into the garage," according to Walter. It seems odder still that Trombino stayed in the underground garage when we take into consideration the advice that other people reportedly gave him.

For example, a police officer instructed him to move his truck, he told the dispatcher. William Keegan suggested that Trombino may have stayed with his truck because he wanted to protect its cargo or he was unaware that his colleagues had been evacuated from the North Tower and he expected them to return to the vehicle.

Certainly, if the truck was locked, it should have been unnecessary for Trombino to stay with it to protect the cargo. Trombino's family in fact said they thought that if the driver stayed with the vehicle, he would have done so not to guard the valuables in it but, instead, simply "because he thought his crew was coming back. The incident came to light weeks after September 11, when recovery workers unearthed millions of dollars' worth of gold bullion that had been abandoned in a tunnel under the World Trade Center.

Large quantities of gold and silver were stored in vaults, owned by the Comex metals trading division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, a few floors below gold under world trade center 9 11 at the World Trade Center site. The gold unearthed by recovery workers was discovered around the end of October in a delivery tunnel under World Trade Center Building a gold under world trade center 9 11 northeast of the Twin Towers that was severely damaged when the towers collapsed.

The bullion was found along with a wheel truck, which had presumably been used to transport it away from the vaults, and some crushed cars. There were no dead bodies around, indicating that whoever tried to remove the gold abandoned their effort before the Twin Towers collapsed.

The quantity of gold that was being removed is unreported, but it was clearly a large amount, since, after recovery workers found it, two trucks were required to transport it away from the tunnel. She wrote that a person could normally pick up their gold from a vault like those under the World Trade Center by showing up at any time, without prior notification, with their vault receipts.

In contrast, she noted that at the Chicago Board of Trade, a person would usually pull up their "car or small truck" to take their gold away. The scene that was unearthed in the delivery tunnel clearly looked suspicious. The evidence suggests that someone, or some people, may have known in advance that the World Trade Center was going to be attacked on September 11 and wanted to move the gold before it became buried in the rubble when the Twin Towers collapsed.

They may have wanted to get the gold away specifically while the attacks were taking place, because the chaos that was sure to occur at that time would make it less likely that the removal of an unusually large quantity of gold would draw attention. Additionally, the fact that the gold was abandoned in the delivery tunnel before the Twin Towers came down indicates that whoever was trying to remove it may have been told to get away from the World Trade Center by someone who knew in advance that the buildings were going to collapse.

The information that has been reported about the apparent theft of diamonds and bonds from the Brink's armored truck and the attempted removal gold under world trade center 9 11 gold from the basement of the World Trade Center on September 11 gives rise to many questions. For example, in his recollection of the discovery of the Brink's truck, William Keegan made no mention of any indications that the vehicle had been broken into.

But if it was not broken into, someone must have unlocked it so the diamonds and bonds could be removed. Did the driver, Joseph Trombino, unlock the truck or was someone else involved? Gold under world trade center 9 11 someone other than Trombino unlocked the truck, who were they and how were they able to unlock the vehicle?

If Trombino unlocked the truck, why did he do this? Did someone perhaps threaten him and force him to open the truck so they could steal the valuables from it? The information currently available, if accurate, suggests that someone other than Trombino took away the valuables from the truck. If Trombino had taken the diamonds and bonds with him when he left his vehicle, these would surely have been on him when his body was found. Instead, the only item found with him, according to Brink's, was his messenger bag.

It is conceivable that Trombino took the diamonds and bonds from his truck, perhaps so they wouldn't be buried in the rubble if the North Tower collapsed, and then these items were surreptitiously stolen by an opportunistic thief when Trombino's body was found.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, the Port Authority Police Department, New York Police Department, National Guard, and other agencies established a "security perimeter" around the site, according to Charles Vitchers gold under world trade center 9 11 Robert Gray, two workers involved in the recovery effort at Ground Zero.

This fact would apparently have been quite easy to discover, since Trombino followed a regular routine. He and his co-workers would stop at the Trade Center every day, Brink's stated.

If the diamonds and bonds were stolen from Trombino's truck, and those responsible decided specifically to commit their crime on September 11, this person, or persons, presumably had foreknowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center and aimed to exploit the chaos the attacks would cause in order to steal the valuables when there would be minimal risk of getting caught. If this was the case, how did they learn the World Trade Center was going to be attacked on September 11?

Discovering who was behind this incident ought to be a fairly straightforward task. Investigators could, for example, determine who owned the truck that was transporting the gold simply on the basis of the vehicle's license plate number. Those involved may therefore have known in advance what was going to happen on September 11 and specifically arranged to remove the gold when the attacks were underway. If this was the case, how did they gold under world trade center 9 11 foreknowledge of the attacks?

Additionally, the fact that the vehicles found in the delivery tunnel with gold under world trade center 9 11 gold bullion had apparently been abandoned before the Twin Towers collapsed suggests that the drivers were warned in advance that the towers were going to come down.

If this was the case, who gave them the warning? And gold under world trade center 9 11 did that person know the towers were going to come down? It would be helpful to know if the apparent theft of diamonds and bonds from the Brink's armored truck and the attempted removal of gold from vaults under the World Trade Center have ever been investigated.

Has the FBI or any other government agency looked into these incidents? Did Brink's investigate the disappearance of diamonds and bonds from its truck? If these incidents have been investigated, what did the investigators find? William Keegan wrote that a "noncriminal investigation report--NCIR was prepared and filed" sometime after Joseph Trombino's truck was unearthed.

However, he gave no details of what was in the report. Information already available suggests that these events may have come about as a result of some people having foreknowledge of the attacks, which they tried to use in order to gain financially. This is crucial information that needs to be uncovered. My Night at Ground Zero.

I am not able to find anything about tunnels leading to WTC4. Can you help us understand this better? The Brinks truck was using the WTC7 ramp. I assume he went to the B1 loading dock area. I really only know what is in my article. Perhaps you could do some research on this. You might possibly find some information in my source articles and books to get you started. Joseph Trombino drove the Brink's truck down to the parking garage under the North Tower.

It was the garage where the bomb went off when the World Trade Center was attacked in Gold under world trade center 9 11 blog Login to post comments. The Force Behind the Motion. We rely on your individual support. Eyewitness Evidence of Explosions in the Twin Towers. Counter-Intelligence -- The Interview. Why Dick and Don Are Suspects. The CIA in Kuwait: Getting Real About Gold under world trade center 9 11 Clarke.

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