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Wem das zu weit weg ist: A few years ago it really seemed that the age of the travel gunstige online broker schweiz was over. Fewer than one in ten consumers believed that agents were better informed about holiday destinations than professional bloggers or review websites such as TripAdvisor.

However, since then travel agents have been responding and adapting to the vastly changed travel market and numerous indicators show that the travel agent is here to stay.

This increase has occured despite at the same time a widespread move away from traditional brick and mortar storefront agencies. They have increasingly been working as independent contractors, usually joining up with a bigger consortia for training, marketing tools, and access to better travel content. Agents have been increasingly adapting to the huge changes in travel booking.

Travel agent networks like American Express Travel and Virtuoso are able to tailor niche packages at special rates to repeat customers and business travellers, something that many travel websites cannot do. Agents are increasingly embracing the new technologies and providing a personalised experience for the traveller using gunstige online broker schweiz technologies rather than responding defensively to online and mobile technologies.

They are increasingly using technology to market their services via social media as well as use technologies to access detailed product and destination information. Whether a train fare calculator, itinerary sharing site or automated booking engine, it can be more and more difficult and time consuming to wade through the dross to get to the really important information to book your holiday independently.

Indeed, a survey of travellers worldwide by the I. Many customers are increasingly feeling it is worth paying a relatively small fee in exchange for an agent vastly easing the booking process. More and more agents are gunstige online broker schweiz at ways they can differentiate from what internet booking sites offer, such as focusing on pulling strings and mining their large range of contacts to be able to offer special experiences that a consumer cannot easily arrange on their own, such as special after-hours tours, an ability to find a room in a supposedly full hotel or a plane ticket in times of very high demand.

Seth Kugel, a New York Times writer, compared deals with online sites like Expedia and Kayak with various US travel agencies, and virtually every time the travel agents beat the internet deals both on price and service. The agents provided extra gunstige online broker schweiz such as suggesting alternative routes and giving advice on things like visas.

Please enable JavaScript gunstige online broker schweiz see this content. Enable JavaScript in our browser. TCS Camping erzielt mehr Umsatz Zur Fussballparty an die Strandbar Agents are increasingly embracing the new technologies Agents have been increasingly adapting to the huge changes in travel gunstige online broker schweiz.

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