Bubble Trading with AnyOption, Strategy and tips.

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AnyOption has long been a leading innovator in the binary options industry. They were one of the first brokers to open, one of the first to offer 60 second trading, one of the first to by CySEC regulated, they led the market with the introduction of style trading and they have done it again with their latest product, Bubble Trading.

The name may sound cutsie but trust me, this may be the easiest, funnest and safest way to trade binary options that I have ever seen. To say that it makes simple trading simpler is an understatement. This is how it works. Then you pick the amount the you want to trade, all done on an easy to use trading platform with larger than usual interface. To enter the trade you use a chart of price action displayed as a line, nothing easier than that, then use your cursor to click on the spot you want to draw your bubble and drag it to the size you want.

The bigger the bubble the safer the trade and the smaller the payout, the smaller the bubble the riskier the trade and the bigger the payout. The chart is displayed in two halves, split down the middle. To the left if the chart of active prices, the hard right edge the most recent price.

To the right is the clear area in which you draw the bubble, once you have completed your bubble the two halves join together and price action is allowed to progress into the second half of the chart and into the bubble.

The time to bubble can be adjusted by where you place it, obviously the closer to the mid-line of the screen the shorter the expiry, as low as 15 seconds in some cases. A simple touch to the bubble is not enough. If prices completely bypass your bubble there is no return, you achieve maximum loss. There are two tools available to help with trading, and On Target feature that lets you know how close price is coming to your bubble, to be sure when it is pierced, and the other is a volatility meter.

The meter is the better of the tools in my opinion, and can be used to choose which assets you want to trade. If you are looking to do less risky trades for lower returns but higher win rates a lower volatility asset is best, if you are looking to do higher risk trades for better returns a more volatile asset is best. You may be tempted to do a lot of low risk trades or a lot of high risk trades trying to take advantage of 1 virtually guaranteed returns or 2 the big score. This is what I think about that.

First, the low risk trades are nice but come with a hidden risk akin to what you get with Martingale. You may win a few, or a lot, but in the end the one loss will kill you. The same is kind of true in reverse for the high risk end of things.

My advice, stick with moderate risk trades, use some judgment on your entries, have some fun and win some money. Bursting The Profit Bubble This is how it works. Click Here For Our Full Review Of AnyOption Our Conclusions You may be tempted to do a lot of low risk trades or a lot of high risk trades trying to take advantage of 1 virtually guaranteed returns or 2 the big score.

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