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Py65 provides tools for simulating hardware based on like microprocessors. For a complete list of changes in this release, please see the changelog. Special thanks to Oscar Lindberg for making major contributions to this release. Slides from my PyWorks talks are now available. This conference was shared with php works and I enjoyed this format. It was great to see many of my Python and PHP friends at the same event.

Thanks to everyone who attended my talks. This talk introduced the venerable microprocessor family, building small computer systems with these parts, and then simulating those systems with Py The audience participation was great.

We had fun stepping through some small assembly language programs on the simulator. This was fascinating and introduction video 0xd0 binary options speaker was awesomely enthusiastic. The overview of microcontrollers and their significance was enlightening and entertaining.

The simulator design presented was fantastically simple and introduction video 0xd0 binary options Pythonic. For updates on the Py65 simulator, please watch my blog and the Py65 project page on Ohloh. We explored the Routes library from the ground up, setting it up and then exploring its options and matching. We worked through many of the examples with live demos on the Python interactive interpreter. The talk was attended by several Pylons users, who gained a better understanding of how Routes works by seeing it outside the context of any particular web framework.

These slides will help you get acquainted with the PHP version. Since the introduction video 0xd0 binary options presentations are otherwise identical, you might also find it an interesting comparison between Python and PHP 5.

Since my initial announcement of Py65, there have been many bug fixes and unit tests added. The most noticeable addition is a new machine language monitor. It will be installed automatically and is started with the py65mon command:. At the prompt, type help for a list of commands or help command for help on a specific command. The biggest difference from VICE is that the load command introduction video 0xd0 binary options a load address as the second argument and starts reading the binary data from byte 0.

It does not expect byte 0 and 1 of the file to contain a Commodore-style load address. Also, assembling and disassembling from the monitor are not yet implemented but are planned. Save it as hello. The --format plain switch instructs Acme not to prepend the Commodore-style load address in the binary.

Py65Mon supports symbolic addressing in most commands. The second command loads the binary into that address. We can now set the program counter with the registers command, and introduction video 0xd0 binary options the code up to RTS with the return command. You can also use the step command to step through the program. From here you can also explore other commands, e. The default radix is hexadecimal. Py65 and its monitor introduction video 0xd0 binary options now complete enough to run most simple programs, including many from the Download all the ROMs as a single archive: Bil was very kind to do this and we should all thank him for it.

This is the first time that these images have been seen in many years. Update May 15, The actual prototype hardware owned by Bil Herd has introduction video 0xd0 binary options a few differences from this spec. Update Jan 21, Update Nov 28, Update Dec 7, The extra pins hang out of the socket and are tied to Vcc with hand-wiring, including the highest address line, so 4K is readable by the LCD.

We did not disturb the hand-wiring, so we only read 4K of it like the LCD does. The data layout is like other Commodore character ROMs. Steve Gray created a rendering of it. Introduction video 0xd0 binary options character set is interesting compared to other Commodore computers; e. Update Mar 11, Added a new ZIP file, commodore-lcd-specs. These were scanned by Andy Finkel and forwarded by Bil Herd.

Since much of the hardware I restore is over twenty-five years old, at least half of it is not working when I receive it. My Flickr photos page has daily progress of my chip-level repairs on this equipment. This is a remarkable machine that was a collaboration introduction video 0xd0 binary options Commodore and the Computer Systems Group at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Curiously, this 64K expansion memory is not compatible with the When in mode, a menu in ROM prompts the user to select a language which is then loaded from disk.

My SuperPET seemed to work when I got it, with the mode working perfectly and mode showing the power-on menu. However, after obtaining the disk-based software, none of the Waterloo languages would run after loading. After verifying the disks were good, I suspected the 64K expansion RAM since the rest of the machine seemed to be working.

Using technical information from the PET Index on A couple of these had become loose from their introduction video 0xd0 binary options and my test program found that one of them had failed. I got a replacement from the pick-up counter at Jameco and installed it. One of the most interesting features of the Waterloo languages is how files are accessed. I would like to figure out the protocol and write a program so that a modern PC could be used as a host computer for the SuperPET.

PyWorks is a new conference from the introduction video 0xd0 binary options at Python Magazine. It is being co-hosted with a PHP conference, php works, and attendees of either conference have access to talks on both the Python and PHP tracks. This talk will present Py65my open-source simulation of a small microcomputer system based on the MOS The is a very famous microprocessor that was used in early microcomputers like the Commodore 64, but its design has stood up for over 30 years.

Cores based on the are now widely used in embedded devices, with WDC estimating annual volumes in the hundreds of millions of units. Using Python and software tools such as Py65, low-level software for embedded systems can be developed and tested much faster.

This talk will discuss the design and implementation of Py65, how it and tools like it can help, and will also touch on other Python libraries that can introduction video 0xd0 binary options with embedded development. Routes itself has also now been ported to PHP 5 as part of the Horde project. Routes is used by the Pylons web framework and other frameworks in Python, and is relatively easy to use as a standalone package.

The Routes method of URL dispatch is based around pattern matching rather than object publishing. Web developers and framework implementers alike will gain a better understanding of Routes and how to use it effectively. It aims to provide building blocks for modeling 65xx microcomputer systems in software, with a focus on homebuilt hardware.

Using simulation, embedded systems software can be developed and tested much faster. The venerable and variants of it powered such famous microcomputers as the Commodore 64, game systems like the Atari and Nintendo Entertainment System NESas well as thousands of consumer and embedded devices today. For now, you can get it from its Subversion repository linked from the Py65 page on Ohloh.

The simulator currently supports all legal NMOS opcodes and I have written a large unit test suite to verify its core. Most of its tests look like this one:.

I am especially interested in unit testing my own embedded software and I will be working on an assertion vocabulary and test helpers for this. There are a lot of possibilities for what could be done with Py Py65 does not include an assembler. Home Software Hardware Resources. Here are the highlights of this release: We now support an additional microprocessor simulation: While still a work in progress, it is fairly complete and quite usable.

The monitor now supports assembling and disassembling the 65C02 opcodes. You can select the target microprocessor with the new mpu command. There have been many other small additions and fixes to the monitor, the most useful of which is that most commands now have shortcuts such as d for disassemble. A manual has been introduction video 0xd0 binary options and will be periodically published online.

It is currently focused on the monitor usage. Microcontroller Simulation with Python Download Slides PDF This talk introduced the venerable microprocessor family, building small computer systems with these parts, and then simulating those systems with Py

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