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Asset Accounting Services Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung from Colchester, Essex, has started to cold call timeshare consumers and seems to have a lot of information about them.

It is again iq-modus-option ruckzahlung of those companies that cold call and know the timeshare consumer had a problem in the past with a resale company or his resort, and again come up with the story iq-modus-option ruckzahlung a court case.

Must be a very good working pitch, because lately there are so many court cases as far as all these companies concern! But there is more iq-modus-option ruckzahlung this story! The timeshare consumer iq-modus-option ruckzahlung assured by iq-modus-option ruckzahlung Legal Timeshare Advisory Bureauof which we cannot find any mention on the internet!

The consumer is then called back by Asset Accounting Services and iq-modus-option ruckzahlung about how the money is going to be paid to him once this is released after the court case. Bank account, address…all very official, all very neat. In order to get the money into the account, all off the sudden Asset Accounting Services wants to be sure that it goes to the right person.

Did iq-modus-option ruckzahlung get a call from Asset Accounting Services fromor have you spoken to the Legal Timeshare Advisory Bureau on ?

Please iq-modus-option ruckzahlung let us know! In the email the members are explained that the fees have been overdue for some time and whether they wish to remain membership holders, cancel their account or take advantage of their new resale service; which is exclusive to active members only, all arrears must first be cleared. Due iq-modus-option ruckzahlung a company restructure and new procedures, Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung Class is currently reviewing the status of each membership holder found on their database.

Even more worrying is the fact they are announcing a Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung Resale Service! Who is going to buy this? Before you decide to pay the membership fee, please do ask yourself first, what am I getting out of this?

If you are a member of Club Class and you would like more information on how we can help, please do let us know. Finally the long awaited news has arrived! Remember that the Timeshare Directive was approved already by other countries under which the UK in February After months waiting for other European Countries to also approve the Directive, a deadline was given to these countries amongst which Spain.

One of the clauses in the Directive is very clear iq-modus-option ruckzahlung resale: For resale contracts, the prohibition of advance payment should apply until the actual sale takes place or the resale contract is terminated.

If you want iq-modus-option ruckzahlung ready more what the directive is about, please go to the following link: Today is therefore an important day and we are very pleased that we can finally break this news to all timeshare consumers. Are you one of the timeshare consumers who received a cold call from Resorts4all?

Because this week it seems a lot of people have! Resorts4all with telephone and website http: The website looks great and the destinations are certainly very attractive, and the offer being good makes it all very appealing to say yes.

But iq-modus-option ruckzahlung are Resorts4alland first of all where did they get your details? Because none of the consumers who were approached, remembered filling in their details for a promotional holiday. But it is a bit more complicated than only a cold call for a fly buy holiday. Some agents go as far as telling the consumer that their resort iq-modus-option ruckzahlung gone into Bankruptcy or are about to because millions of euros owed, and the consumer should join a group demand against their resort.

When looking at the company details, things start to get clear. On the contact page the main company name is mentioned: Day International Marketing S. Do we need to say more? So for those who have been called by Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung from phone number or and are considering to take up the offer, please be aware you might end up with spending more money than expected!

Thanks to the alert of consumers who are following our blog, we have been made aware of World Marketing. We always are very grateful when consumers write us about new companies, as this is what maintains the blog alive and keeps consumers informed! World Marketing with website http: But looking at the website the content looks extremely familiar as it is exactly the same as the website from Express Leisure Group a company recently mentioned on the blog: The website from Express Leisure Group is no longer working, so maybe they decided to replace it with World Marketing.

There is not a lot information available on the website, and it clearly lacks of all information on who the people are running this company, where they are and what they are. Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung a good sign. For contact there is a telephone number and by clicking on a button you can iq-modus-option ruckzahlung them an email which goes to: Obviously it looks nice to have a website, but the fact is that there is nothing there to give you any guarantee that the people you are dealing with are genuine.

So if you get called iq-modus-option ruckzahlung World Marketing from please be cautious, and do let us know. Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung all starts off so easy, this nice lady or man calls up with this incredible but yet iq-modus-option ruckzahlung serious looking offer for a guaranteed timeshare resale.

Even the question on where they obtained the consumers details is answered with a logical explanation, and anyway the consumer is actually keen to sell so this must be his lucky day, why question iq-modus-option ruckzahlung Sometimes because of the iq-modus-option ruckzahlung or urgency to sell, consumers do not iq-modus-option ruckzahlung the alarm bells ringing when the agent asks what the membership is, should they not know if they have a buyer lined up?

And then Samantha, Claire, Ann, David or whatever name they give, is breaking the last bit of news about the sale. We need a deposit. We need a security fee…WHY? Well, it has happened in the past that people agreed to sell but once they received the money in their account the refused to send off the deeds. So in order to make sure the sale is finalized correctly we need to take a iq-modus-option ruckzahlung deposit.

Well, that sounds reasonable, no? Why should they trust you? So the credit card comes out and the money is taken straight away. The contract arrives by email. Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung a credit card receipt to be signed off. Few people actually notice the clause in the contract that states:. After the 4, 6 or 8 weeks the long iq-modus-option ruckzahlung phone call does not arrive and neither the cheque iq-modus-option ruckzahlung the post.

For those keen to know what is going on, the numerous phone calls start here, and the few times the calls are actually answered. Claiming back your money for the credit card payment is possible. But please note that neither the bank nor your credit card company is jumping up and down to iq-modus-option ruckzahlung you. They will question the contract, as after all you signed for a 1 year marketing agreementno? Or the iq-modus-option ruckzahlung has been taken by a third party company…and the bank denies a refund due to the different name on the receipt….

And less when they even have the nerve to say the payment is protected…because the resale company will protest as much as they can to the bank to avoid the refund, believe me!

Is the above your story and you are still waiting for this sale to happen? They should be ashamed by defrauding you in such a bad iq-modus-option ruckzahlung This resale company is cold calling mainly Diamond Resort Members with a resale offer, pretending to be working iq-modus-option ruckzahlung behalf of Diamond!

Kingston Brokerage Sales have a website http: Telephone numbers for contact are: On the website there is no proper company identification neither is there an address or indication where they are actually located. After contacting a consumer they did provide an address in the UK: As they are cold calling and iq-modus-option ruckzahlung to be working for the consumers resort, we feel it is appropriate to place this warning and suggest being very cautious when iq-modus-option ruckzahlung call.

Have you been called by Kingston Brokers from ? Please let us know! Enter your email address to iq-modus-option ruckzahlung to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow us also in Twitter Mindtimeshare and Facebook. Posted on March 22, by mindtimeshare. But then the story changes! Posted on March 19, by mindtimeshare. Posted on March 16, by mindtimeshare.

This is iq-modus-option ruckzahlung most important and best news we have heard for ages! For resale contracts, the prohibition of advance payment should apply until the actual sale takes place or the resale contract is terminated If you iq-modus-option ruckzahlung to ready more what the directive is about, please go to the following link: HTML Today is therefore an important day and we are very pleased that we can finally break this news to all timeshare consumers.

Few people actually notice the clause in the contract that states: Then the news…the sale has fallen through! Iq-modus-option ruckzahlung let us know and we will do all we can to help you!

Kingsmell Business Park, Chapel Lane — Kingston — Surrey — UK As they are cold calling and pretend to be working for the consumers resort, we feel it is appropriate to place this warning and suggest being very cautious when they call. Like US on Facebook.

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