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I have knife trading guide cs go putting this together to help me with trading and the many questions I receive during trade negotiations. I will try to add more content and expand it continuously. What I am planning to write about are: The now famous Etherfast made a post on reddit, giving away passes and I was one of the recipients.

Honestly I was at the right place at the right time. The price of knife trading guide cs go was sky high compared to now and I could cash in on the early skin fever.

By just playing the game, I received drops like anyone else and sold them on the market to gain some wallet balance. As you can see, at the beginning even trading cards and simple everyday drops were kind of expensive. This allowed me some slow, but steady gains. I started knife trading guide cs go figure it out how the community market worked and it was not long after when I started making a bit of a business out of it.

In hindsight I have to admit It was pretty lame and inefficient. I was sniping on the market. I would sit and watch the newly listed items on the market. Every now and then I would see an item listed on a somewhat lower price than usual. At most times I would earn a cent or two by listing the item on a higher price. Sometime I got more lucky and earned cents or more even. Of course knife trading guide cs go transactions are pretty laughable as I literality had to knife trading guide cs go for them for hours.

Should have found a better thing to waste my time on at knife trading guide cs go end of the summer, huh? Anyways, here are some of the more profitable ones:. Knife trading guide cs go I remember correctly it stopped dropping at the rate it was supposed to after just a day, driving the price up.

Meanwhile some people kept listing them on seemingly random prices. Here is a snippet from that day:. Not long after this I knife trading guide cs go market sniping. Nothing really happened for months, except I got some drops and sold those as well. Later I tried automating sniping with some relative success. I bought up of them waiting for the opportunity to make some profit. All in all it was one of the events that later allowed me to enter trading as well.

I got into trading through reddit. I had to manually put in every key, count and recount it before sending an offer. That put me in a considerable disadvantage.

Still, I caught some cheap stuff that Knife trading guide cs go put right back to reddit and lounge. I have done this for a while and kept improving my methods. Back then it did not have that bad of a reputation though, it was knife trading guide cs go a normal and in a way essential part of trading. Putting newly bought keys knife trading guide cs go hold slowed everything down to a halt.

I had to adapt and change the way I traded so I grew my funds and expanded my reach by looking for trades on other sites as well. With some minor adjustments the way I traded is knife trading guide cs go essentially what I do today. To learn about what that exactly is just scroll down and read the next section. Compared to most other big knife trading guide cs go I work differently.

Rather than dealing with extremely rare and beautiful gems, I trade more common items and go for the quantity. I advertise on multiple trading sites and in some Facebook groups. You can find me on Lounge, Traders and Outpost for example. In my posts I usually ask for downgrades knife trading guide cs go overpay, but in reality I do all kinds of trades, low to high, high to high, cheaps for an expensive, and more.

Trading all kinds of items allows me to interact with all kinds of people as well. I try to have as many successful trades every day as possible. I spend hours a day taking, considering then countering or accepting offers, chatting with people, writing comments, updating trading posts and whatnot. This section is a guide to help you trade with me. I always recommend sending an offer first where you can also add a comment of what you are looking for. If you want my help choosing an item that you can afford or want to discuss the specifics of a multiple item trade feel free to add me.

As you have probably guessed I am trading for profit. I am not requiring enormous overpays like others and I can undercut trading site prices as well. Feel free to leave a recommendation comment on my profile after our trade, I will very likely knife trading guide cs go the favour.

Just the other day a steam friend asked if he could try my dragon lore in-game and we agreed that he will give me a couple of knives for a day while he has my lore. After the agreement he said that he would give me an additional key for the favour. Then I thought let's knife trading guide cs go to make a business based on the same principles. I have lent my expensive items to friend so they could show off on LAN events or whatever, but that is different because I trust them.

Sooo, this is something new. I am not sure it will work out because it still requires some form of trust, but I will try to minimize the need for that. I am trying to work out rules that are both simple and verifiably guaranteed to be uncheatable. You choose an item from my inventory that you want to use and give me items from your inventory that are worth more than mine.

We agree on how long you want to use it and we make the exchange of the items. You will receive the item you wanted and I will keep some of yours for the time of the lending. When it ends you have two options. The other option is that you keep my item and I keep yours, we basically make a trade.

The first step is yours, you have to make the decision of what item s you would like to borrow and for what purposes so you can tell me how long you want it for. My single advice is that choose something you can afford, otherwise it's up to you. One thing I very much do not appreciate is when someone tries to bullshit me with pricing. I clearly describe how I determine pricing in it's own section here.

Don't worry about this you will get back everything you put in. Add me if something is not clear and want to discuss it, or just send a trade offer and add a comment that you want to borrow. After we exchange items I will transfer them to my vault account. This ensures that others won't send trade offer for them tempting me to accept them.

Your items will remain untouched. I will note the following details in a spreadsheet to prevent knife trading guide cs go and malicious offers: Your steam nickname, steam ID, duration of the lending period, start and finish of the duration, fee, name of the items, float value of the items, stickers attached to the items.

Before the end of the lending period I would knife trading guide cs go you to send me a reverse trade offer with the fee included. I will not punish small delays, but I would appreciate if you could do it in time. If you don't send the items back for a week and fail to respond to my offers or messages I will take it that you decided to keep the item and will add yours to my trading inventory.

It's called collateral and ensures that you cannot cheat me, this way you have more to lose which acts as an incentive to remain honest. I will transfer collateral items to my vault account so they won't be traded away, they will be the very same items you gave me. Well, we are on the internet you should not really trust anyone. However you don't have all that much to lose and I have built a fair amount of reputation over the years. It's a great way to extensively test out whether and item suits you or not.

Not really, I am not interested in lending for: We can work out something with cryptocurrencies though. Well, you can either add me on steam to discuss it or send a trade offer where you overpay and attach a comment with the trade like "borrowing for 2 days". It's important to let me know that it is borrowing and not a simple trade because in the latter case I don't keep the items waiting for you, I might trade them away possibly just minutes after our trade.

Determining accurate prices is not easy and many people use different ways to do it. In this section I will identify and detail some of these and will also show how I do it. One of the most common - though not the worst mistakes is relying on external pricing sites. We are trading on steam so we should use steam market prices, I will explain later how to do it well. Hitting up steamanalyst, cs. No, steamanalyst is NOT smarter than you. It uses the steam market to calculate some kind of average.

The price you get there is often inaccurate and misleading. On very rare items that price can be extremely overpriced compared to what it usually sells for.

This is in part the reason I created this section. Now back to this guy and his daggers. You can see an example on the right. This does not by any means counts, it was one single transaction and it does not set the price of the knife.

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