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In the coming days, we will welcome two important and close collaborators of FXStreet… one, Richard Olsen, in the virtual world Live Video on Youtube and the other, Yohay Elam, in the real world speech in Barcelona.

Does it have the potential to disrupt the industry and affect how Forex traders operate? FXStreet organises meetings all around the world 11 cities for the moment where traders can meet, meetup forex brisbane, share their experiences in trading, learn about new techniques and have fun.

See you in Good news for our Forex friends. Madrid and Hong Kong. Whilst the latter will held a meeting at the end of the month, having Oscar Au as host of our new trading group and with the sponsor of Saxo Capital Markets.

This September we have welcomed Mumbai and Singapore, two new cities to our net of forex groups around the world. Good to meetup forex brisbane you on board! First time you attend? Meetup forex brisbane to know what are you going to find? Top quality speakers, traders like you, from newbies to experienced ones and a good opportunity to network. Find your city, save the date and join us!

Continue reading Join our October Forex events. More than a year ago, we started shyly doing our first meetup meetup forex brisbane Barcelona.

Promoted by FXStreet president Francesc Riverola we wanted to meet other traders and share our passion for trading.

Now we have 10 trader communities around the world and after the summer break we are back full of energy. What are you going to find? Continue reading Join our September Forex events.

Meetup forex brisbane Thursday July 4, I had the honor and pleasure to host Alfonso Esparza as guest of meetup forex brisbane Toronto Forex Groupfor a very inspiring, useful and practical presentation. So although I value fundamental analysis, I rarely make reference to it in my trading, as I find it is very difficult to integrate discretionary tools into my rule-based trading.

We are happy to announce the addition of two new cities to the meetups project: The FXStreet community is growing fast, as in September we will have 10 meetups around the world! Continue reading The meetup meetup forex brisbane is growing. In August we keep on doing our monthly meetups in Istanbul and Sydney, a wonderful opportunity to meet other traders and learn more about forex.

He is currently working for BloombergHT as commentator. Free registration, via meetup. Is there a place for due diligence in FX trading? This session will deal with the hard battle of making money in the forex market for the retail trader.

While hundreds of technical indicators exist, and with the potential to adjust parameters to countless options, the importance of having a rules based meetup forex brisbane analysis methodology is important, but likely will have difficulty standing on its own without understanding market sentiment and what some of the triggers are for the algorithmic trading systems.

We are making the best efforts to extend our network and make possible for Forex traders to meet and connect in as many cities as possible around the world. The next one should be Los Angeles. See you in Share: Our September Meetup in Barcelona This September we have welcomed Mumbai and Meetup forex brisbane, two meetup forex brisbane cities to our net of forex groups around the world.

Continue reading Join our October Forex events Share: Continue reading Join our September Forex events Share: Continue reading The meetup family is growing Share: From Fibonacci to due diligence, are you ready? Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

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