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Jerremy is one of the most energetic and positive people you will ever meet. His trading skills have empowered him to live the life he has always dreamed of and his mission is do the same with yours. From options to stocks, Jerremy trades them, teaches about them, and love to help other understand them. Here is some additional info you might find interesting My first profitable trade.

A covered call on AG that expired worthless. I ended up doing it two to three more times before I had my shares called away for a great profit and return. I was so stoked!

This is my third favorite movie. I opteck futures and commodities binary review so many good memories of watching it. Dan said he invested in some fruit my weekly options trades. I love covered called, credit spreads and selling naked options. The word naked makes me smile and it is a great strategy when My weekly options trades teach you how to implement them properly. Tell me something interesting about yourself.

My weekly options trades love even numbers of ice cubes in my drinks, preferably four. I love pillows on my bed, the more the better. And not the decorative ones either. I used to have a pet garfish named Snap Jaw. I also used to have a pet alligator. I walked him around using a chain for a leash.

He escaped one month or so after My weekly options trades found him on the road. He was only a few months old, maybe my weekly options trades foot long. This was a really tough one for me. I love music, parties and dancing. One of those four! Thank you for taking time of out of your busy day to make the best investment possible, the investment in yourself. You have made it to the most comprehensive and fully complete weekly options trading program my weekly options trades the internet!

This program is designed for anyone, of any age, of any account size who is excited and eager to learn the most explosive, lucrative and rewarding avenues and instruments of trading the markets. About the instructor Jerremy is one of the most energetic and positive people my weekly options trades will ever meet.

Favorite Number I am a total numbers guy! Best favorite trade ever My first profitable trade. Worst most memorable trade ever HA! Too many too choose. So I wrote an article on at least three of them. What is your favorite trading strategy? If you could have lunch with any person Past or Present who would it be? What is the one song you want played when you walk into a party? Course Contents 14 Videos. Course Curriculum Bonus Ebooks. My 4 Free Ebooks. How to Day Trade Weekly Options. Day Trading Weekly Options.

Pros and Cons of Options. Let's discuss the pros and cons of options. What is a Call Option? What is a call option? What is a Put Option? What is a put option. How to Day Trade: My weekly options trades Options to Buy?

Which Options to Buy. Which Stocks work best with Weekly Options. Which stocks are best to trade weekly options on. The Risk Formula for Options.

How to Set up the trades in a My weekly options trades. Placing the trades in a broker. Creating a Trading Plan. Here is a sample trading plan. Let's see how much you learned! We suggest moving this party over to a full size window. You'll enjoy it way more.

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We like to explore, educate, and share ideas involving options trading. Come along with us on our journey to demystify the complex yet rewarding world of options trading. Many people think day trading is gambling: I agree—yet I day trade the SPY almost every day.

I day trade very little capital, and I direct the profits into my less risky accounts. So why bother if day trading is gambling? Simply put, I can increase my odds of a successful return using money management techniques. I fully expect to some day lose all of the money in my day trading account—the goal is to multiply the capital I started with many times over before that happens. This strategy works because I day trade with a tiny percentage of my entire investment portfolio, and the amount I am willing to risk remains constant—meaning that I do not attempt to compound my returns; profits are removed from the account right away.

Already this year I have doubled the money in my day trading account not bad considering that we are only 8 weeks into the year. This is what I mean by money management: Though day trading is gambling, you can leverage technical indicators and your own expertise to enter and exit trades with higher success rates. I only trade the SPY, which I have monitored for so long that my gut often predicts how it will move. I use weekly options to add leverage and reduce the capital required.

This option normally has a delta around. I try to be in a trade for 40 minutes max. Sure, sometimes a trade lasts a few hours, but I always close the trade at the end of the day no matter what.

I like to enter my trades around 1: I enter a trade knowing whether the SPY is bullish or bearish on that day, and I never buck the trend: I make only one trade per day. If I am trading more than that most likely I am either cocky and think I can make more money or I am trying to fix a loss trade—both are bad ideas. If the conditions are right I scale into a trade up to 4 times the dollar-cost average.

I only scale down, never up—meaning I buy more as the price drops, and when I close the trade I sell everything I do not scale out. Doing so protects me in the case of an upward spike in the market and frees me from being glued to the computer screen.

The SPY is not crazy volatile and almost always I have some money left if a trade goes against me. Plus, I never risk more than I can handle losing. Stop losses are bad because sometimes the market really has to fall before it can pick back up. I rely on my gut to time my exit one of the reasons I have not automated this trading style. If a trade goes against me I simply wait for an uptick and use that opportunity to close the losing trade.

Almost every day some buyer comes in and pushes the SPY up or down faster than normal in one big trade, but if not I sell at 3: I have set these rules for myself over many years of day trading. From the start of the day the market was bullish—notice how the chart is pushing up rather than down—so I was looking to trade calls. Notice that the MACD histogram bars clearly resemble rolling hills. I benefitted from a big seller coming in right before I entered the trade, pushing the SPY down.

If this event had happened later I might have scaled in and purchased more calls, but on this day one open and one closing trade did the trick. Most winning days play out just like this example. I just painted you a pretty rosy picture of how you can generate outsized returns day trading. The thing is, every day is different and a few bad days will certainly wipe out your account.

But if you adhere to the overflow method you can use day trading profits to juice the returns of a less risky trading strategy. Day trading is also a good way to stay engaged with the market every day and sharpen your trading skills. And, of course, day trading is a fun rush. Join our newsletter today for free. You won't regret it! But How Do You Trade? I buy only calls and puts—no fancy spreads. The times in the graph are PST. Like what you read? Options Cafe Newsletter Get our latest news delivered to your inbox.