Ninja 7 charts not working, but DOM showing data

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Nonetheless, the fact that a vertical level is automatically adjusted as charts move left causes a huge inconvenience. Please add this feature. It is not hard job nevertheless. It can be that charts are not moveable up and down. No wonder that real traders dont use MT4. Please help us out on this! I really can't believe that it has been an issue for so long now. It makes a huge difference the perspective of the charts with the horrible auto scaling feature that can't be turned off. There is still not enough vertical adjustment of candles.

The very limited vertical adjustment is ok on my PC but not on my laptop because the screen is smaller. On max magnification, I end up with little short stubby candles ninjatrader charts not moving cannot be made taller.

If horizontal lines are close together, you can't separate them more with vertical adjustment - very frustrating! This is a huge and frustrating experience with MT4. Makes it so hard to get historical views when auto-vertical scaling ninjatrader charts not moving Who thought this was a good idea?

At least give us a button to turn it off! I use NinjaTrader along cTrader for my charting since it offers more possibilities and my analyses are more accurate using Ninja.

The fact that you would draw an object such as elipses or circles and when you zoom out they are out of place is a major drawdown.

The fact that if you want to see the angle of a trendline, when you zoom out, the angle changes is extremely painful for accurate analysis.

It is due to autoscaling i guess. Please add a customizable scaling option and make the charts ninjatrader charts not moving freely. I would like the charts to be as free as Ninjatrader's charts.

FXCM Marketscope has the best charting capabilities in terms of visual appearance and functionality. The free movement of the chart is really important in order to make an accurate analysis. It turns the work more visual and exact. Please, let us choose one option in which the chart is non-autoescaled. This is one of the reasons why I have not moved completely over to cTrader.

Please include this in the next update. Do scale like in MT4, please!!! It's funny when I look at the chart in MT4 and click "buy" or "sell" in cTrader It is a great problem for the trader. I ninjatrader charts not moving miss having enough space right and below to imagine where price may actually go to.

When organising my take profit, I often have to change time frames to be able to place it as I cannot reach the level from within a single time frame because it is "out of picture". I really want to be able to see price, possible levels and my TP all from one view. Currently I cannot do this which is more than an inconvenience - it actually stops me having a better overall views of things!

Please implement, it would be great, and probably not too much effort easy for me to say! I totally agree with the and the comments.

The chart navigation could be improved. Personally I would also really like one or two extra Zoom levels as sometimes I can't zoom in as much as I'd like, anyone else find that? I am used to TradingView, and lacking the ability to turn off AutoScale really bothers me. We've just sent you ninjatrader charts not moving email to. Click the link to create ninjatrader charts not moving password, then come ninjatrader charts not moving here and sign in. Let us move chart freely, and stop charts from being automatically vertically adjusted Let us move chart freely, and stop charts from being automatically vertically adjusted.

It is impossible to navigate chart freely, it is allowed to move charts only left. Vote Vote Vote Vote Sign in prestine. Your email address Check! I agree ninjatrader charts not moving the terms ninjatrader charts not moving service. Signed in as Sign out. Why does it say completed, because it's not.

Is there any way to adjust candle spacing in C Trader? I think this feature is very important. New and returning users may sign in Sign in prestine. Sign in Sign in Sign up Cancel. Your password has been reset. We have made changes to increase our security and have reset your password.

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