Cómo actualizar tu iPhone a iOS 9 sin problemas

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Conozca las novedades semanales de Microsoft Intune. You can also find out about upcoming changesimportant notices about the service, and information about past releases.

You can see the images of the new icons in the What's new in app UI article. Six new Opciones de sincronizacion de itunes Surface Reduction settings and expanded Controlled folder access: Folder protection capabilities are now available.

Puede encontrar estas opciones en: Proteger los archivos y carpetas frente a cambios no autorizados de aplicaciones hostiles. Protect files and folders from unauthorized changes by unfriendly apps.

Prevent untrusted apps from modifying or deleting files in protected folders and from writing to disk sectors. Block disk modification only: Impedir que las aplicaciones que no son opciones de sincronizacion de itunes confianza escriban en los sectores de disco. Block untrusted apps from writing to disk sectors. Untrusted apps can still modify or delete files in protected folders. Each token uploaded can be managed separately for enrollment profiles and devices. New beta Graph APIs are in development and will be released after the migration.

On the Troubleshoot blade, you can now see the enrollment restrictions that are in effect for each user by selecting Enrollment restrictions from the Assignments list. With this update, Intune adds new reports and actions to the status and health of the Windows Defender agent. Con un informe de resumen de estado en la carga de trabajo de conformidad de los dispositivospuede ver los dispositivos que necesitan alguna de las siguientes acciones: Using a status roll up report in the Device Compliance workloadyou can see devices that need any of the following: A drill-in report for each status category lists the individual PCs that need attention, or those that report as Clean.

Hay dos nuevas opciones de privacidad disponibles para los dispositivos: Two new privacy settings are now available for devices: Hay dos nuevas opciones disponibles para dispositivos con el explorador Microsoft Edge: Ruta de acceso al archivo de favoritos y Cambios a Favoritos.

Two new settings are now available for devices with the Edge browser: Path to favorites file and Changes to Favorites. You can now create exceptions to the Intune Mobile Application Management MAM data transfer policy to open specific unmanaged applications.

Dichas aplicaciones deben ser de confianza para el departamento de TI. Such applications must be trusted by IT. Aparte de las excepciones que cree, la transferencia de datos sigue estando limitada a las aplicaciones que se administran mediante Intune cuando la directiva de transferencia de datos se establece en Managed apps only Solo aplicaciones administradas.

Other than the exceptions you create, data transfer is still restricted to applications that are managed by Intune when your data transfer policy is set to managed apps only. Puede crear las restricciones mediante protocolos iOS o paquetes Android. You can create the restrictions by using protocols iOS or packages Android.

For example, you can add the Webex package as an exception to the MAM data transfer policy. This will allow Webex links in a managed Outlook email message to open directly in the Webex application. Data transfer will still opciones de sincronizacion de itunes restricted in other unmanaged applications. For more information, opciones de sincronizacion de itunes Data transfer policy opciones de sincronizacion de itunes for apps.

Set this app protection policy option by selecting Allow Windows Search Indexer to search encrypted items in the Advanced settings of the Windows Information Protection policy. The app protection policy must be set to the Windows 10 platform and the app policy Enrollment state must be set to With enrollment. For more information, see Allow Windows Search Indexer to search encrypted items.

You can configure a known self-updating mobile MSI app to ignore the version check process. This capability is useful to avoid getting into a race condition. For instance, this type of race condition could occur when the app being auto-updated by the app developer is also being update by Intune. Both could try to enforce a version of the app on a Windows client, which could create a conflict.

For these automatically updated MSI apps, you can configure the Ignore app version setting in the App information blade. When this setting is switched to YesMicrosoft Intune will ignore the app version installed on the Windows client.

Intune in the Azure portal now supports related sets of app licenses as a single app item in the UI. In addition, any Offline Licensed apps synced from Microsoft Store for Business will be consolidated into a single app entry and any deployment details from the individual packages will be migrated over to the single entry.

To view related sets of app licenses in the Azure portal, select App licenses from the Mobile apps blade. Ya puede configurar de forma remota las opciones de la cuenta del recurso para Surface Hubs. You can now remotely configure resource account settings for Surface Hubs. You will want to create a unique resource account so the Opciones de sincronizacion de itunes Hub can show up in the meeting as the conference room.

If you leave fields blank you will opciones de sincronizacion de itunes previously configured attributes on the device. Resource Account properties can change dynamically on the Surface Hub. For example, if password rotation is on.

So, it's possible that the values in the Azure console will take some time to reflect the reality on the device. To understand what is currently configured on the Surface Hub, the Resource Account information can be included in hardware inventory which already has a 7 day interval or as read-only properties. Additions to the Windows 10 compliance settings are now available, including requiring Firewall and Windows Defender Antivirus.

Offline apps that you purchased from the Microsoft Store for Business are now synchronized to the Azure portal. Puede implementar estas aplicaciones en grupos de usuarios o dispositivos. You can deploy these apps to device groups or user groups. Offline apps are installed by Intune, not by the store. When you deploy the Gmail app into an Android for Work profile, you can now prevent end users from manually adding or removing accounts in the work profile by using the Add and remove accounts setting in the Android for Work Device restrictions profile.

New tenants see this right away. For existing tenants, this feature is being rolled out through April. Until this roll out is complete, you might not have access to these new features. Intune now gives you the option to authenticate devices by using the Company Portal app for the following enrollment methods: When using the Company Portal option, Azure Active Directory multi-factor authentication can be enforced without blocking these enrollment methods.

Esto significa que el dispositivo se inscribe inicialmente como un dispositivo sin usuario, por lo que no recibe las configuraciones ni las directivas de grupos de usuarios. This means that the device is initially enrolled as a userless device, and so doesn't receive configurations or policies of user groups. Solo recibe las configuraciones y las directivas de grupos de dispositivos.

It only opciones de sincronizacion de itunes configurations and policies for device groups. However, Intune will automatically install the Company Portal app on the Device. The first user to launch and sign in to the Company Portal app will be associated with the device in Intune. At this point, the user will receive configurations and policies of their user groups. The user association cannot be changed without re-enrollment.

You will be able to target app protection policies to this app through the Intune App protection policies opciones de sincronizacion de itunes in the admin console. End users will be able to download opciones de sincronizacion de itunes app 'PrinterOn for Microsoft' through the Play Store or iTunes to use within their Intune ecosystem. Los usuarios ya pueden usar el administrador de inscripciones de dispositivos cuando se inscriban con Portal de empresa para macOS.

The overview page now shows alerts for expired tokens and tokens that will soon expire. When you click on an alert for a single token, you'll go to the token's details page. If you click on alert with multiple tokens, you'll go to a list of all tokens with their status. Los administradores deben renovar sus tokens antes de la fecha de caducidad.

Admins should renew their tokens before the expiration date. Los administradores pueden emitir un comando Borrar de forma remota opciones de sincronizacion de itunes dispositivos macOS. Admins can issue an Erase command remotely for macOS devices. El comando de borrado quita todos los datos, incluido el sistema operativo, de un dispositivo. The erase command removes all data, including the operating system, from a device. It also removes the device from Intune management. No se genera ninguna advertencia al usuario y el borrado se produce inmediatamente al emitir el comando.

No warning is opciones de sincronizacion de itunes to the user and the erasure occurs immediately upon issuing the command. You must configure a 6-digit recovery PIN.

This PIN can be used to unlock the erased device, at which point reinstallation of the operating system will begin. The PIN will remain as long as the erasure is underway.

After erasure is complete, the device disappears entirely from Intune management. Be sure to record the recovery PIN so that whoever is restoring the device can use it. Revoking an app license will not uninstall the related Opciones de sincronizacion de itunes app from the device. To uninstall a VPP app, you must change the assignment action to Uninstall.

For more information, see How to manage iOS apps purchased through a volume-purchase program with Microsoft Intune.

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