NAND flash and bootloader confusion

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The boot sequence changed some time ago. Since the BCH update in Program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash see http: The DataFlash however uses a different chip select that has to be bypassed to prevent autoboot. In case of doubt where at91bootstrap is stored on your board, it is perfectly okay to close both jumpers during boot. We will try to produce products as long as possible. This means, that there will be hardware revisions and changes of the used components if necessary.

Of course, the most important factor for every product is the processor itself. Please find information about how long a certain processor is planned to be produced in the PDF attached below. In case of a processor hits its EOL, we try to offer a similar product with migration support for program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash customers. Error code means there were bit flips in the read memory region, but the ECC algorithm program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash correct them.

So the image is read correctly. A NAND page typically bytes will become unreadable, if more bits flip than the ECC algorithm can handle, so depending on the situation it may make sense to rewrite the corresponding block.

The standard images handle 1 bit error per NAND page, but a firmware handling 4 bit errors or with small program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash even more is also available: If your board runs a bootstrap prior version 3. The new images can be found here: EraseBlocks 0 0x1ffff 4 run "Send Bootfile" script with the appropriate image for your board.

For even newer Stamps also consider the following download: Since Apr 19,both products will be delivered with version After creating a new SD card from the original images the system won't boot. Following problems are common:. Most probably you have messed up permissions of your rootfs during copying. Please follow this Howto: The toolchain comes with the package manager opkg. You can install the same packages as on the target device with it.

To do so, follow these steps:. Have a look at Howto: To compile bootstrap yourself the following steps have to be done: The delivered arm-linux-gcc won't work for that task.

Good ones are obtainable at http: Change to that directory. It cannot be flashed with u-boot or linux. To do that see this how-to: No such file or directory shutdown: In the event of an unclean shutdown, this file might get corrupted program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash the creation of these files might not work.

This happens because NAND flash can have bad blocks. Every program not able to handle bad blocks can trigger messages like that. This is not a real problem with the flash, just with the application. While booting the offending application is udev. It scans each block device for partitions including the MTD partitions. If the MTD partition has a bad block in the scanning region, the program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash will fail and this message is printed.

Busybox is not capable of mounting NFS shares with locking enabled. Use the option -o nolock for NFS mounts. This tar archive contains a simple tool providing reading and writing at physical addresses under Linux. The Stamp9G20 does not boot when using a backup battery but works normally without. This can have two reasons, which both prevent the boot from DataFlash: If you just plugged in the Stamp and booted the system for the first time, this is most probably caused by some undefined value in the Reset Controller Mode register.

To prevent this from happening remove the battery, switch on the system and than place the battery into the socket. The system already booted with a battery but you switched it off shortly after powering it. Caches not enabled", use the following update to fix the problem: What is the expected lifetime of the product?

The board still boots correctly. My board suddenly does not boot correctly or crashes. The kernel crashes randomly. Opkg fails to download packages and package information. Since a while, running "opkg update" results in the following error messages: HTTP response code said error. The rootfs on my newly created SD card does not boot.

Following problems are common: You get a kernel panic with "no init found" message. Using apt-get upgrade or similar gives you error messages like this "fopen: How do I get additional program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash into the toolchain?

To do so, follow program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash steps: It should look like that: So you first need to run opkg-target update and after that you can install the needed packages, most probably the -dev versions to get the header files. From now on, every time you want to install a new package, repeat program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash 1, 3 and 4. How do I use power saving program at91bootstrap binary into nandflash. How can I compile bootstrap?

I get an error message like "uncorrectable error: When mounting an NFS share, the mount command hangs for some time. Navigation Frequently Asked Questions. StampA5D36's little brother is coming.

Are there additional software packages available for the ipCore basic firmware?

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Second, mechanisms for flashing boot loaders to NAND flash. Can the bootstrap and boot loader actually be updated from a running system like this? Does the nanosg20 have one? There are faulty combinations from before that date. SAM-BA is the way that always works. However, it is more comfortable to use Linux for that. But be aware that the kernel used for the upgrade has to support 4bit BCH already! If it states " Revision 1 is quite old and being not produced since Thanks for you responses.

What I'm hoping to do is produce a bootable SD image which will update any NanosG20 board to the latest, correct bootstrap and bootloader, and from what you have said above it seems that this is possible. It is the only real difference I can see visually on the top surface of the two boards. I can see many files available to download from legato. The downloads are ordered by upload date, newest first. The following link contains everything you need: View What links here.

First, the ECC increase from 1 to 4 bits: Hello, regarding your questions: Yes this works well. But the other parts of the firmware have to be upgraded, too. Hi, Thanks for you responses. Is there a publicly accessible version control for the Nanos sources? Thanks, and sorry for all the questions! Sorry for the delay, but I seem to have forgotten to submit the post I've written on Friday.

Yes, that is the serial flash. No, there is no public version control for NanosG20 sources. Navigation Frequently Asked Questions. StampA5D36's little brother is coming. Are there additional software packages available for the ipCore basic firmware?