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Too often, though, we see copyright and trademark holders abuse their rights by issuing improper takedown notices. We work hard to carefully review the infringement complaints we receive and push back against those that are improper. What is clear, however, is that this stinks. It was glaringly obvious that the addition of the hilariously large feces was for the purposes of parody, and tied directly to the criticisms laid out in the post.

We rejected the complaint, and passed it on to reddit trademark violation blogger for his perusal. In response, he updated the logo, just in case there reddit trademark violation any doubt that the image was being used for the purposes of commentary or criticism:. Our use of the Abbotsford city logo in this post is also for the purposes of commentary or criticism, and therefore falls under fair use protections. A noble cause to be sure, but two WordPress.

This is exactly what Sam and Jenna attempted to do when they created this blog as part of their application process. Surprisingly, however, Subaru was less than thrilled with this harmless use of the brand name, and accused our users of trademark infringement reddit trademark violation cybersquatting. We passed along the notice to Sam and Jenna with the understanding that we would not be taking any action against their blog as their content does not constitute trademark infringement.

Much akin to some nightmare scenario from the Terminator, sometimes the bots turn on their creators. We saw this happen fairly recently on WordPress. Following the statutory requirements, we did reddit trademark violation, and notified the user, with instructions on how to submit a counter notification if they wished to challenge the removal. Within a few days we heard back from the understandably unhappy site owner, who explained reddit trademark violation they were in fact the copyright holder.

The confusion was eventually sorted out after the agency retracted the original takedown notice, and we restored access — but not before it was unavailable for reddit trademark violation five full days. The DMCA notification and takedown process is a powerful weapon in the battle against copyright infringement, but it can also cause severe harm to freedom of speech when used inappropriately.

As a result, it is something that should be deployed carefully, and with respect. All too often, overly broad takedown notifications are sent to online service providers in a scatter gun approach, with the financial interests of third party agents who are routinely paid by instance of successful takedown placed above the accuracy of the reports.

There is no question that there are a lot of issues involved in choosing to use bots to enforce copyright, but having them turn against you has got to be one reddit trademark violation the worst. They allow businesses to build up value in their reddit trademark violation, and give us reddit trademark violation ability to distinguish between competitors in crowded marketplaces.

In theory, they are necessary to make sure that people are getting the products or services at the standard which they expect. Naturally, this system requires a means of legal enforcement for situations where a mark is used in a manner that causes confusion for consumers. Protection under trademark law only applies in reddit trademark violation circumstances — something that is vital in order to protect freedom of speech.

Sadly, there are many instances where companies and law firms scour the web to aggressively target any mentions of their trademarks that exist, whatever form reddit trademark violation may take. This is something we have seen happen previously on WordPress. In the claim, Portakabin Limited asserted that they had already been in contact with the owner of the site, which appeared to have resulted in its subsequent deletion.

This is a standard page that is displayed when a user deletes their site, and it prevents any other users from being able to use that URL in the future. In their notice to us, they demanded that we disable access to the holding page URL completely. To illustrate their point, they attached a scanned copy of a print-out of the above screenshot. Why is it that lawyers insist on doing that by the way?

Despite there being no actual content on the page, Portakabin were determined to prevent any reference to their trademark being made, including in the actual URL itself.

In this case, there is clearly no infringement from a page that indicates a site is not accessible. Even if the deletion notice was to be removed, or replaced with a Not Found response, there would be no way to prevent users from getting to that page by typing the URL into the address bar.

Janet Jackson is a fine recording artist, but seems to have employed some overly aggressive lawyers, bent on removing or controlling all references to her name on WordPress. If you believe there are any other alleged infringements, would you reddit trademark violation submitting a notice again via our trademark form?

So excited to work with you going forward. The accompanying text reads: Abbotsford already needs to update their new city logo. In response, he updated the logo, just in reddit trademark violation there was any doubt that the image was being used for the purposes of commentary reddit trademark violation criticism: City of Abbotsford, welcome to the Hall of Shame.

This is what it currently looks like: An image of Ms. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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