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Greenpeace, in collaboration with the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Power, recently organized a national consultation on Rural power needs in India. Rural areas have always been neglected in this energy hierarchy. Decentralised renewable energy can break this hierarchy and provide quick, reliable and sustainable power to people. This shift to decentralisation was echoed by Deepak Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of new and renewable energy, recently at the global energy forum at Vienna, Austria.

He emphasized on decentralised distributed generation models DDG operated at the local level which rely on renewable energy sources and technologies as the way forward to deliver on energy access.

This would deliver faster on access while reducing costs around centralised grid extension 2. Decentralised renewable energy holds the key to rural electrification. The birds do it, the cows do it — we all do it. But nowadays, instead of seeing it as waste, researchers have been harnessing the power of poop and converting the precious substance into energy, building materials and even back into food talk about circle of life!

This article on cleantechnica. The production of electrical and electronic equipment is one of the fastest growing manufacturing activities worldwide. The emergent market penetration in developing countries, turnover in the developed world, and high obsolescence rates make e-waste also one of the fastest growing waste streams globally.

The composition of e-waste is quite diverse and differs in products across different categories. Roughly, it consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, wood and plywood, concrete and ceramics, rubber, etc. Non-ferrous metals are the likes of copper, aluminium, silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

The presence of elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, hexavalent chromium, and flame retardants classifies e-waste as hazardous waste. In , CKS diversified its portfolio and made a bold foray into the world of financial, medical and health services. CKS — 34 ways to save a life. The highline twists in and around buildings, it frames the avenues and streets of the district from all kinds of odd angles and vantages. Here and there the original tracks and foliage are preserved, but at other places there is a concrete pathway built of long thin concrete slabs that all vanish together into a distant point on the horizon.

Benches, sunbeds and other features rise up from these slabs like features of landscape glimpsed through a moving train. Walking the highline one feels oneself transformed into a human chhug-chhug-gadi, coursing along, singing an age old song, chalate chalate…. A Smart Mini-Grid is an intelligent electricity distribution network, operating at or below 11KV, to provide electricity to a community.

These Smart Mini-Grids use advanced sensing, communication and control technologies to generate, manage, distribute and utilize electricity at the local distribution levels more intelligently and effectively. The Smart Mini-grid at The Retreat, TERI, Gual Pahari facility, consists of various distributed energy resources such as solar photovoltaic system, wind electric generator, biomass gasifier system, battery storage system and diesel generator which is given the lowest priority.

The smart mini-grid system at TERI GualPahari intelligently manages and balances multiple loads through inter-connected energy resources, providing rapid responses to network disturbances, minimizing outages, and preventing black-outs. Such a smart mini grid is seen to be having applications in — residential complexes, educational institutions, rural and peri-urban locations, industrial complexes, commercial complexes, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and even at telecom base stations.

GOOD interviews the five young graduate students responsible for the creation of Lifelens, a breakthrough project that could potentially save millions of lives each year. The team is in the final round of funding talks with two venture groups to secure early-stage funding to conduct extensive in-lab testing and on-field pilot studies.

In the health care realm, medical teams from Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, West Africa, and India have expressed a strong desire to collaborate on the future direction and implementation. To start your social network, Google shows you contacts from your e-mail inbox: Gmail by default and options to import from Yahoo and Microsoft — but not, ahem from Facebook. You simply drag a person to the circle you want to put them in. You can put them in as many circles as you like, and it has a nifty — and visually very Apple-like — feature where you can click on a number of people individually and then drag them en masse to a group, an action accompanied by some swooping into a bundle of little cards, held together with a paper clip, before bouncing into the right circle.

If someone has commented or reshared your post, or added you to a circle, the box lights up. When you click on it, a dropdown box appears — and in the case that someone has added you to a circle, you see their profile pic and with a single click add them to one — or more — of your circles, hide them or outright block them. Read more at First Look: Waste is stored in a cartridge, which is collected every few days, and sent to a facility that produces and sells fertilizer.

The facility also converts methane from the waste into electricity. In return for the cartridge, each family receives a rechargeable battery they can use to power a light bulb or two, and charge a mobile phone. The system addresses many different issues. It provides a dignified, safe, and hygienic solution to a basic human need. Off-the-grid electricity translates to increased productivity for adults, extra study time for students, and additional safety.

The fertilizer is an organic option for local farmers that helps increase their yield per acre. And the system reduces disease by keeping waste out of the local water supply. Waste is Terrible Thing to Waste. Vihara Innovation Campus 3rd November Six Innovations for Recycling Poop!

July 8, by admin Leave a Comment. Managing and minimizing e-waste July 6, by admin Leave a Comment. Watch this brilliant video showing the life cycle of electronics Read more: Walking the highline one feels oneself transformed into a human chhug-chhug-gadi, coursing along, singing an age old song, chalate chalate… Read more: Mobile toilets that convert waste to usable energy June 30, by admin Leave a Comment.