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Key capabilities of Dynamics GP include:. Dynamics GP provides a single integrated software environment to help automate the business, increase sales, enhance screenshot az automated binary-roll, improve efficiency, and enable better business decision making. Dynamics GP is available in on-premises and cloud deployments. As one of the most popular and longest tenured business management software products on the market, Dynamics GP is sold and supported by an extensive network of Microsoft-certified Value Added Resellers VARs.

Wondering if Dynamics GP is right for your organization? To better understand if it is a fit for you, explore data detailing the functional requirements, anticipated spending ranges, and company attributes of 50 businesses who recently considered purchasing Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning ERP product used for a variety of business management tasks. Key functional areas includes financial management, supply chain management, business intelligence, field service management, and payroll and human resources management.

Customized pricing is available upon request and additional Dynamics GP cost info can be found below. Dynamics GP can be licensed as a purchased product via Microsoft Perpetual Licensing or as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service Saas via Microsoft Subsciption Licensing.

Dynamics GP is used by companies spanning a wide variety of industries. It is most commonly reviewed by organizations in the distribution, professional services, non-profit, and manufacturing industries. Great Plains was the name of the company screenshot az automated binary-roll originally developed the software, which is now known as Dynamics GP.

Great Plains was acquired by Microsoft in Microsoft offers five separate ERP products in their Dynamics line: Dynamics Screenshot az automated binary-roll targets mid-market and small businesses. While the product can scale to support larger organizations, it is a frequent choice for growing companies looking to replace an entry-level accounting solution with broader departmental functionality and more advanced features.

Dynamics Screenshot az automated binary-roll is oriented toward mid-market businesses. Its multi-language and multi-currency capabilities make it a popular choice for companies conducting international business. Dynamics Enterprise Edition is a highly customizable, Tier 1 ERP screenshot az automated binary-roll designed specifically for enterprise level companies.

It includes all functionality formerly available from Microsoft under the Screenshot az automated binary-roll AX product brand. Screenshot az automated binary-roll Business Edition is a cloud-based management software platform designed for companies between employees. Dynamics GP is available as a cloud-based option, hosted by Microsoft authorized providers. An HTML5 web client provides access to partial functionality. Dynamics GP is designed to run on Windows based client operating systems.

The web client can be used by users on any device type regardless of OS so long as a supported browser screenshot az automated binary-roll Internet connection is available. Dynamics GP does not run as a Mac native client application. Users requiring additional support have access to a network of independent authorized support providers qualified to provide a deeper level of support, including services such as business and technical consulting, implementation support, and product optimization services.

An extensive table identifying popular add-on applications for Microsoft Dynamics GP is available below. Dynamics GP supports a broad range of business management functionality, spanning core accounting, sales management, supply chain management, and more.

The following table provides an overview of the key functionality contained within Dynamics GP or available via add-on solutions. Total project pricing for a Dynamics GP purchase will vary depending on the needs of the company making the purchase.

Pricing factors include the extent of the licensed functionality, user count, hosting needs, and implementation and on-going support requirements.

The following chart displays a breakdown of estimated maximum screenshot az automated binary-roll ranges reported by software buyers who recently reviewed Dynamics GP screenshot az automated binary-roll a purchase option.

Under the Perpetual License model, the software is owned rather than leased. Perptual License buyers can deploy the software on-premises or choose to host the screenshot az automated binary-roll with a 3rd party hosting services provider and access it remotely. The base Perpetual Licensing option allows three users to access the software at the same time. What this means is that a business running Dynamics GP under this licensing arrangement can set up more user accounts than three, but only three users will be allowed to access the software screenshot az automated binary-roll the same time.

There are three different types of additional licenses that can be purchased, which offer varying levels of user privelege. Administrators of the screenshot az automated binary-roll can additionally choose to limit functionality for any user type.

Under the Subscription License the software is leased rather than owned. Subscription Licensing entails a cloud-based deployment, where a Microsoft-certified partner hosts the software on their server and provides access via remote access software.

The Subscription License is a monthly license. User licenses are purchased on an individual basis. Dynamics GP functionality can be augmented by a wide variety of add-on products developed by Screenshot az automated binary-roll Independent Software Vendors ISVsin order to provide industry-specific functionality. The product now known as Dynamics GP and developed by Microsoft originated as a product called Dynamics, developed by the Great Plains software company. Great Plains was screenshot az automated binary-roll in The company took its name from its geographical location, as it had its headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota.

Since its purchase of Great Plains inMicrosoft has continued to develop Dynamics GP as a primary accounting and business management software product offering for small and mid-market businesses. Microsoft directly offers three support plans: Each Microsoft support plan provides access to product release, service pack, and tax and regulatory updates. The Advantage Plan offers an additional level of support beyond the Enhancement Plan, which is the most basic of the support options.

The Advantage Plan includes six annual electronic or telephone support incidents. Customers seeking unlimited unlimited electronic or telephone support can upgrade to the Advantage Plus Plan. VARs offer considerably more in-depth support services including consulting, implementation support, and product optimization services.

The two primary means of extending the functionality of Dynamics GP are through customization and integration with 3rd party add-on products. Customers seeking the ability to customize screenshot az automated binary-roll software can purchase the Configuration Pack which includes the Customization Suite. Purchasing screenshot az automated binary-roll Configuration Pack also provides access to the Integration Suite for importing data from other applications.

The following is a list of some of the most popular 3rd party add-on products designed to augment the functionality of Dynamics GP:.

The product information presented on this page is based on information provided by the developer and from previous software buyers who considered the software via Find Accounting Software referrals. Maintain tight, efficient control over your distribution channels and drive superior screenshot az automated binary-roll service by harnessing distribution workflow, reducing data entry, and providing screenshot az automated binary-roll access to distribution information.

Keep pace with competitive markets and low margins. Advanced Picking capabilities provide you with the flexibility needed to reduce handling and increase accuracy for both single and multi-site warehouse operations.

Analyze financial data by whatever criteria you require, introduce greater reporting flexibility and extensibility, and analyze transactions efficiently. Empower your people to make quick decisions by providing them access to real-time information they can easily analyze with familiar tools they already know how to use. Analyze screenshot az automated binary-roll in multiple formats and from multiple angles. Monitor all transactions more easily using drill-down and inquiry capabilities.

Improve your ability to analyze and report financial data, and share information across your organization. Transform your Microsoft Dynamics GP data into presentation-quality information so you can make better business decisions, with compelling views of business data created easier and faster screenshot az automated binary-roll ever before.

Enterprise Reporting offers you the most efficient reporting solution available for complex, distributed environments. It allows you to easily automate procedures unique to your business environment for complete control over consolidations, financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis. Take control of the future of your organization with Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics—Forecaster. Meet business objectives and gain competitive advantage with budgeting and planning capabilities that allow you to plan more effectively and respond quickly to changing business needs.

High-performance capabilities give you comprehensive, highly customizable financial and management reports that are easy to create, distribute, and use. Create the sophisticated analytical reports you need to drive your business forward, taking advantage of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Empower your employees to make strategic decisions and provide superior service. New inventory and order management capabilities help ensure the right inventory is available at the right time to meet customer needs and boost profitability.

Gain unparalleled access to mission-critical financial information within your business and turn that data into a powerful competitive tool, while at the same time controlling it with greater efficiency and ease than ever before. Delivers complete, consistent, and correct product information, enabling you to maximize production efficiency and cut inventory costs across the extended enterprise. By tightly integrating different types of bills and customized definitions into manufacturing operations, Bill of Materials helps improve performance, support time-to-market and time-to-volume objectives, and ensure materials are where they should be, when they are needed.

Track multiple budgets for multiples fiscal years in multiple screenshot az automated binary-roll and General Ledger Accounts. Easily update and maintain budgets by leveraging Microsoft Excel to import and export. Also get insight to your business by reporting budget verses actual by year, quarter or month.

Keep an audit trail of who modifies a budget and when, to maintain control over your business. Improve cash flow with customizable information views and forecasting capabilities that let you screenshot az automated binary-roll, predict, and manage inflows and outflows. Automate your critical banking activities and interact electronically with your bank with comprehensive tools that help reduce administrative costs, increase productivity, and improve cash management—in a security-enhanced screenshot az automated binary-roll. Enhance employee productivity and reduce processing costs with expense reporting capabilities that streamline expense management processes, eliminate paper receipts, and enable employees to create and submit reports any time, from any location.

Organize and schedule the e-mail delivery of invoices, credit memos, and other sales documents to your customers in XML, HTML, Microsoft Office Excel, or PDF format, reducing administrative overhead and increasing customer responsiveness. Keep pace with accelerating markets. Adjust processes and components to accommodate new technologies and customer changes while maintaining or improving efficiency and profitability.

Ensure that engineering changes yield production efficiency—while controlling costs—and help maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Improve visibility for better decision making. Identify items affected by engineering change orders ECOs with advanced query capabilities.

Detailed historical records of ECOs help management understand why changes have been made and how they impact profitability. Eliminate the potential for confusion on the shop floor with better organized and more accessible engineering change information. Help ensure that product builds follow correct revision models without having engineers walk the floor, communicate manually, punch revision stamps, or screenshot az automated binary-roll new bills of materials or routings.

Closely monitor implementation of change orders. Monitor engineering more effectively with ECO aging functionality, ensuring that authorized changes move forward expeditiously. Manage complex field service operations with higher levels of profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Many of our customers have expressed a desire to build an end-to-end release automation workflow solution that can deploy changes across multiple regions or different AWS accounts. Any update to the source code in Region A will trigger validation and deployment of source code changes in the pipeline in Region A.

A successful processing of source code in all of its AWS CodePipeline stages will invoke a Lambda function as a custom action, which will copy the source code into an S3 bucket in Region B. After the source code is copied into this bucket, it will trigger a similar chain of processes into the different AWS CodePipeline stages in Region B. See the following diagram. This architecture follows best practices for multi-region deployments, sequentially deploying code into one region at a time upon successful testing and validation.

This architecture lets you place controls to stop the deployment if a problem is identified with release. This prevents a bad version from being propagated to your next environments. You will need an AWS account with administrator permissions.

You will also need sample application source code that you can download here. We will use the CloudFormation template provided in this post to create the following resources:. The resources created by the CloudFormation template may result in charges to your account. The cost will depend on how long you keep the CloudFormation stack and its resources. Choose your source and destination regions for a continuous delivery of your source code. In this post, we are deploying the source code to two regions: You can choose to extend the setup to three or more regions if your business needs require it.

Create Amazon S3 buckets for hosting your application source code in your source and destination regions. Make sure versioning is enabled on these buckets. The source code bucket in Region B is also the destination bucket in Region A. Versioning on the bucket ensures that AWS CodePipeline is executed automatically when source code is changed.

Be sure you are in the US West Oregon region. You can use the drop-down menu to switch regions. All of the steps in the Simple Pipeline Walkthrough are automated when you use this template. You can customize any of these components according to your requirements later. Optional On the Options page, in Key , type Name. In Value , type a name that will help you easily identify the resources created in this stack. This name will be used to tag all of the resources created by the template.

These tags are helpful if you want to use or modify these resources later on. Review the other settings, and then choose Create. It will take several minutes for CloudFormation to create the resources on your behalf. You can watch the progress messages on the Events tab in the console.

Use the drop-down menu to switch to US East N. We have created an EC2 instance in both regions. These instances are running a sample web application. See the diagram at the beginning of this post. The pipelines in both regions will start automatically as they are created. Watch the progress of your pipeline in the source region Region A as it completes the actions configured for each of its stages and invokes a custom Lambda action that copies the source code into Region B.

Then watch the progress of your pipeline in Region B final destination region after the pipeline succeeds in the source region Region A.

When each stage is complete, it turns from blue in progress to green success. You can place a new version of source code in your S3 bucket and watch it progress through AWS CodePipeline in all the regions. When Succeeded is displayed for the pipeline status in the final destination region, view the deployed application:. You will need to configure cross-account permissions on your destination S3 bucket and delegate these permissions to a role that Lambda assumed in the source account.

Without these permissions, the Lambda function in AWS CodePipeline will not be able to copy the source code into the destination S3 bucket. Create the following bucket policy on the destination bucket in Account B:. Create your CloudFormation stacks in Account B and Account C follow steps 2 and 3 in these accounts, respectively and your pipeline will execute sequentially. This is the option to choose if you no longer want to use the pipeline or any of its resources.

Prerequisites You will need an AWS account with administrator permissions. We will use the CloudFormation template provided in this post to create the following resources: Amazon S3 buckets to host the source code for the sample application. You can use a GitHub repository if you prefer, but you will need to change the CloudFormation template. AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the sample application.

AWS CodePipeline with predefined stages for this setup. It invokes a function to copy the source code into another region or account. If you are deploying to multiple accounts, cross-account S3 bucket permissions are required.

On the Specify Details page, do the following: In AppName , you can leave the default, or you can type a name of up to 40 characters. Use only lowercase letters, numbers, periods, and hyphens. In InstanceCount and InstanceType , leave the default values. You might want to change them when you extend this setup for your use case. In S3SourceCodeObject , specify the name of the source code zip file.

Choose a destination region from the drop-down list. For the steps in this blog post, choose us-east This enables remote login to your instances. You cannot sign in to your instance without generating a key pair and downloading a private key file. For information about generating a key pair, see these steps. This is a recommended security best practice. In TagValue , type a value that identifies the deployment stage in the target deployment for example, Alpha.

This is same as the DestinationBucket in step 2. From the DestinationRegion drop-down list, choose none. In DestinationBucket , type none. This is our final destination region for this setup. In TagValue , type a value that identifies the deployment stage in the target deployment for example, Beta.

So What Just Happened? When Succeeded is displayed for the pipeline status in the final destination region, view the deployed application: In the status area for Beta — stage in the final destination region, choose Details.

You can also pick any other stage in other regions. So far we have deployed code in two regions within one AWS account. There may be a case where your environments exist in different AWS accounts. For example, assume a scenario in which: Create the following bucket policy on the destination bucket in Account B: Delete the stack in AWS CloudFormation, which deletes the pipeline, its resources, and the stack itself.

To delete the CloudFormation stack: Although this bucket was created as part of the CloudFormation stack, Amazon S3 does not allow CloudFormation to delete buckets that contain objects. To delete this bucket, open the Amazon S3 console , select the buckets you created in this setup, and then delete them.

For more information, see Delete or Empty a Bucket.