Troubleshooting your MySQL database

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The server is accompanied by several related scripts that perform setup operations when you install MySQL or that assist you in starting and stopping the server. This section provides an overview of the server and related programs. The following sections provide more detailed information set option sql_quote_show_create=1 each of these programs. Each MySQL program takes many different options.

Most programs provide a --help option that you can use to get a description of the program's different options. For example, try mysqld --help. You can override default option values for MySQL programs by specifying options on the command line or in an option file. To use client programs, mysqld must be running, because clients gain access set option sql_quote_show_create=1 databases by connecting to the server.

A server startup set option sql_quote_show_create=1. This script is used on systems that use System V-style run directories containing set option sql_quote_show_create=1 that start system services for particular run levels.

A server startup script that can start or stop multiple servers installed on the system. As of MySQL 5. There are several other programs that are set option sql_quote_show_create=1 to MySQL installation or upgrading:. It compiles error message files from the error source files. This program makes a binary release of a compiled MySQL. This program is used on Windows. It packages a MySQL distribution for installation after the source distribution has been built.

This program is used after a MySQL upgrade operation. It updates the grant tables with any changes that have been made in newer versions of MySQL. This script creates the MySQL database and initializes the grant tables with default privileges. It is usually executed only once, when first installing MySQL on a system. This program set option sql_quote_show_create=1 you to improve the security of your MySQL installation.

This program loads the time zone tables in the mysql database using the contents of the host system zoneinfo set option sql_quote_show_create=1 the set of files describing time zones. It checks tables for incompatibilities and repairs them if necessary, set option sql_quote_show_create=1 updates the grant tables with any changes that have been made in newer versions of MySQL.

The following discussion covers these MySQL server configuration topics:. Not all storage engines are supported by all MySQL server binaries and configurations. The following table provides a list of all the command line options, server and status variables applicable within mysqld.

If a server option set on the command line or in an option file differs from the name of the corresponding server system or status variable, the variable name is noted immediately below the corresponding option. For status variables, the scope of the variable set option sql_quote_show_create=1 shown Scope as either global, session, or both. Please see the corresponding sections for set option sql_quote_show_create=1 on setting and using the options and variables.

Where appropriate, a direct link to further information on the item as available. This table is part of an ongoing process set option sql_quote_show_create=1 expand and simplify the information provided on these elements. Set option sql_quote_show_create=1 improvements to the table, and corresponding descriptions will be applied over the coming months. The most common methods are to provide options in an option set option sql_quote_show_create=1 or on the command line. However, in most cases it is desirable to make sure that the server uses the same options each time it runs.

The best way to ensure this is to list them in an option file. For a brief summary, execute mysqld --help. To see the full list, use mysqld --verbose --help. The following list shows some of the most common server options. Additional options are described in other sections:. Options that affect security: Binary log control options: Options specific to particular storage engines: You can also set the values of server system variables set option sql_quote_show_create=1 using variable names as set option sql_quote_show_create=1, as described later in this set option sql_quote_show_create=1. Display a short help message and exit.

Use both the --verbose set option sql_quote_show_create=1 --help options to see the full message. This option is used internally by the MySQL test suite for replication testing and debugging. Set option sql_quote_show_create=1 option controls whether user-defined functions that have only an xxx symbol for the main function can be loaded. By default, the option is off and only UDFs that have at least one auxiliary symbol can be loaded; set option sql_quote_show_create=1 prevents attempts at loading functions from shared object files other than those containing legitimate UDFs.

This set option sql_quote_show_create=1 was added in version 5. For more precise control over the server SQL mode, use the --sql-mode option instead. The path to the MySQL installation directory.

All paths are usually resolved relative to this directory. Allow large result sets by saving all temporary sets in files. This option is unavailable if MySQL was configured with the --disable-grant-options option.

The directory where character sets are installed. Don't ignore character set information sent by the client. To ignore client information and use set option sql_quote_show_create=1 default server character set option sql_quote_show_create=1, use --skip-character-set-client-handshake ; this makes MySQL behave like MySQL 4. The filesystem character set. It was added in MySQL 5. If you use this option to specify a non-default character set, you should also use --collation-server to specify the collation.

Put the mysqld server set option sql_quote_show_create=1 a closed environment during startup by using the chroot system call. This is a recommended security measure. Write error log messages to stderr and stdout even if --log-error is specified. Write a core file if mysqld dies. Note that on some systems, such as Solaris, you do not get a core file if you are also using the --user option. If MySQL is configured with --with-debugyou can use this option to get a trace file of what mysqld is doing.

The default is 'd: This causes the Bison parser that is used to process SQL statements to dump a parser trace to the server's standard error output. Typically, this output is written to the error log. This option is deprecated in favor of --character-set-server.

This option is deprecated in favor of --collation-server. Set the default storage engine table type for tables. This option is a synonym for --default-storage-engine. Set the default server time zone. Specify how to use delayed key writes. OFF disables delayed key writes. Doing so leads to index corruption. Read the default DES keys from this file. Enable support for named pipes. This option can be used only with the mysqld-nt and mysqld-debug servers that support named-pipe connections. This is a bit mask of different flags that you can use for debugging the set option sql_quote_show_create=1 server.

Do not use this option unless you know exactly what it does! Enable external locking system lockingwhich is disabled by default as of MySQL 4. Note that if you use this option on a system on which lockd does not fully work such as Linuxit is easy for mysqld to deadlock. This option previously was named --enable-locking.

Flush synchronize all changes to disk after each SQL statement. Normally, MySQL does a write of all changes to disk only after each SQL statement and lets the operating system handle the synchronizing to disk. Read SQL statements from this file at startup. Each statement must be on a single line and should not include comments. Adds consistency guarantees between the content of InnoDB tables and the binary log. This option was removed in MySQL 5.

Return client error messages in the given language. The actual implementation of this support depends on the underlying hardware and OS. Applications that perform a lot set option sql_quote_show_create=1 memory accesses may obtain performance improvements by using large pages due to reduced Translation Lookaside Buffer TLB misses. For reference, consult the hugetlbpage. Log connections and SQL statements received from clients to this file. The server logs all statements that change data to the binary log, which is used for backup and replication.

The option value, if given, is the basename for the log sequence.

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