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Posted 19 Nov Link to this post. I am attempting to use setOptions on a grid to save changes a user makes to a grid page size, page, filter, sort, etc.

I see numerous examples of this working in forum threads but I cannot get the examples working so I must be doing something wrong. The saving of the grid options seems to be working fine but when I return setoptions kendo grid the page I'm getting "undefined" when I try to get a reference to setoptions kendo grid grid see attached image.

Any help would be appreciated as I have spent a good day on this and cannot get it working. Title "Engine Family Number". Posted 23 Nov Link to this post. Posted 23 Nov in reply to Setoptions kendo grid Link to this post. Your code does not reproduce the issue I'm having. The difference between your code and mine is in the Read action on the controller. Attemping to retain grid options with setOptions not working Cancel The title field is required!

Feed for this thread. Posted 19 Nov Link to this post I am attempting to use setOptions on a grid setoptions kendo grid save changes a user makes to a grid page size, page, filter, sort, etc. Other threads where I see setOptions being used successfully. Also I tried setoptions kendo grid reproduce the described issue on my side but with no avail.

I am sending you a simple example based on your code. Please check it out and let me know what differs in your case. Looking forward for your reply. Regards, Radoslav Telerik Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans? Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Feedback Portal and vote to affect the priority setoptions kendo grid the items. Posted 23 Nov in reply to Radoslav Link to this post Your code does not reproduce the issue I'm having.

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Posted 12 Apr Link to this post. I am trying to implement a complex grid that has 4 functions defined, on dataBound, columnMenuInit, and 2 on change. My problem now is that the function is getting added to the parsed options object as what I believe is an Unicode string the representation of it on Chrome dev tools comes up as a string instead of a function.

The error thrown when trying to JSON. I would be happy just storing and re-adding the columnMenu function I guess I could extend this to the other ones if it's possible, later on.

What would be your advice in this case? Hello, I have solved the function re-adding in a simple way: I get them in variables in memory right before loading grid options, and then re-apply to the grid the functions themselves shouldn't change, since it is the same grid. I am guessing there's an event handler that's not properly being loaded or attached to the grid.

How could I ensure that the grid responds to clicks normally? Also, a detail I forgot to mention in my initial post is that some columns have a filter with multi checkbox from remote datasource. These are the columns failing when I open the header menu. Other columns with less elaborate filters open menu without issue.

Posted 14 Apr Link to this post. Posted 17 Apr in reply to Dimiter Topalov Link to this post. Of course, this is a simpler version. In my version I have a remote datasource for the grid from database, via a read action from an MVC controller. Each column that would be filterable with multi box does also have its own MVC read action datasource pre-filtered to show only distinct elements and so on. We have been able to pinpoint the issue and we have concluded that the error presents itself only on the multibox filters for columns, when the grid is loaded from a previous save.

The error is restricted to columns with a remote datasource. I tried defining static datasources for some columns and they didn't experience the issue. In this example, I tried to mimic a remote definition via the ContactName column, however, it is working properly on the example I assume it is because I'm using the same source from your online data samples, not sure how to define a different one in this case. The only difference of this example with our problem is that the data comes from a different datasource than that of the grid, for each column.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, since right now we are sort of leaning towards removing this feature entirely or just using static filters for some of our fields, which is not a satisfying solution.

Posted 19 Apr Link to this post. Posted 20 Apr in reply to Dimiter Topalov Link to this post. Although the example on the dojo does not work I assume it's only for illustration purposes , I implemented the example on my project with satisfactory results. Furthermore, since we were moving to other kind of filters autocomplete filters with filterable. The results were satisfactory as well, and now both kinds of filters are saved and loaded without trouble.

I do have an issue combining customized filters those with autocomplete element but that's perhaps a matter for another post after further investigation from me. Feed for this thread. Posted 12 Apr Link to this post Hello, I am trying to implement a complex grid that has 4 functions defined, on dataBound, columnMenuInit, and 2 on change. However, I still get the following error: Thank you in advance. Regards, Dimiter Topalov Telerik by Progress Try our brand new, jQuery-free Angular 2 components built from ground-up which deliver the business app essential building blocks - a grid component, data visualization charts and form elements.

The situation we have is basically what I try to describe in the following dojo example: Posted 19 Apr Link to this post Hi Hector, Thank you for the detailed explanation and the runnable project. I was able to reproduce the described error by providing a different DataSource to the respective columns.

The issue is caused by the fact that when the saved options are applied to the Grid, a new or previously declared DataSource instance should be provided to the options for this column's multicheckbox filter, as the saved options have an object that looks like a DataSource instance, but actually is not, and when the Grid tries to treat this object as an actual DataSource instance, this results in the discussed error.

I have modified the dojo to illustrate a sample approach for resolving the problem: Nevertheless, thanks for the quick and precise support!