Our account charges are changing

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From 1 May we are increasing some sipptrade stocktrade login our account charges and will also start collecting all account charges monthly in advance, instead of quarterly or yearly in advance as is currently the case. The increases reflect a rise in costs to us of providing and developing our services for you. Moving to monthly collection reflects customer feedback and we hope will be more convenient for you.

Please note there are no account sipptrade stocktrade login changes to Certificated Trading Accounts. Otherwise, from 1 May After keeping these the same for the past two years we are now increasing our charges to reflect a rise in the costs to us of providing you with the products, investments and services that you require.

All account charges are moving to monthly collection in advance, rather than quarterly or yearly as is currently the case. It is only the account charges on adult accounts that are going up.

Your account fees cover a wide range of ongoing services, such as arranging safe custody of your investments, maintaining your account records and preparing statements and valuations. They also go towards our technology platform and the customer support services available to you. As rules, regulations and market conditions change we have to make changes to these services to keep meeting the needs of our customers and there is a cost attached to that.

We have added hundreds of new investments to our platform and re-introduced international equity dealing to our ISA and Dealing Accounts not available for SIPP as yet, but will be in We have also revamped our public sipptrade stocktrade login and are working towards introducing an upgraded secure trading platform towards the end of We are not changing our flat fee approach.

The idea with this is that you cover your own costs. Many other platforms charge for at least some of their services based on the value of your investments.

This means that people with larger Account values pay more and end up subsidising the costs for those with smaller ones. Flat fees can be great value when: You make a larger investment You plan to build a smaller investment into a larger one over time.

But they can be expensive when: That depends on your own individual circumstances. Remember, as a general rule the more money you invest through us the more likely you are to benefit from our flat fee approach. We want to encourage younger savers and have taken on board feedback from our customers about the need to protect child accounts from any cost related charge increases.

We also recognise sipptrade stocktrade login the majority of child accounts are held by parents or guardians who also hold adult accounts with Alliance Trust Savings. If you only hold a Certificated Dealing Account the change in charges does not affect you, if you hold or open other accounts on our platform the new charges will apply to these accounts. We hope that you will continue to invest through us. But if you decide to leave us for sipptrade stocktrade login provider sipptrade stocktrade login a result of these changes we will waive our exit charges.

That is as long as we receive written notification from your chosen provider that you sipptrade stocktrade login like to leave on or after Monday 7 March and before 5pm on Friday 29 April If you sell your investments to leave us you will still pay Dealing Service charges.

Alliance Trust Savings gives no financial or investment advice. Our account charges are changing After keeping our prices the same for the past two years, we are now increasing some of our account charges.

What are the charges? For sipptrade stocktrade login detail of all our charges from 1 May Read our charges guide. Questions and answers Why have you increased your account charges? How can you justify these increases? What service improvements have you made? Are your charges still competitive? Sipptrade stocktrade login only have a small pot of investments with you. Should I transfer out? What if I have a Certificated Dealing Account does this affect me?

Is there a change to my trust scheme Sipptrade stocktrade login Charges? There is no change to Trust Account charges. I want to transfer out. Do I have to pay an exit fee?

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