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Some of their gimmicks range from informative to ridiculous ; however, these advertisements serve a purpose, as you will eventually need to sort through them and open an account with a reputable Forex broker in order to start trading. Generally speaking, a Forex broker will help execute currency trades for you in a similar manner to a stockbroker.

You will decide which currency pairs you would like to purchase or sell and then conduct the transaction through the broker. Start currency trading with a practice account order not to feel overwhelmed by the number of Forex brokers available on the internet, you will need to do a fair amount of research.

We intend to help you establish criteria for your decisions and what you should expect from a broker. Once you pick a broker, you can open an account and start trading! Forex trading is typically not conducted in an off track betting-like venue where you walk up to a cashier and exchange money underneath a plate of bulletproof glass. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you feel comfortable trading currency online. If not, there are brokers who will execute trades for you over the phone and some, gasp!

Most of the advice in this article will also help you if you choose to trade using a traditional broker. The trading software offered by Forex brokers is one of the most important factors for your decision on which broker to use.

This software also referred to as a trading platform will enable you to research currency pairs and place orders. Most brokers will allow you to open a demo account start currency trading with a practice account on that laterso that you can test drive their services before signing up and executing real trades.

One last thing to mention when discussing online trading is the necessity of a broadband or high-speed connection. The policies associated with each broker will dictate the type of trades you are able to execute. Make sure your broker offers at least the major currency pairs, is up front with the fees which will be applied including spreadsand is available during the hours you want to trade. Higher margin requirements will result in greater leverage and trading size requirements may vary —the important thing to consider is whether or not you will be able to use the margin offered and have the ability to trade using the lot sizes offered.

Make sure to read all of the rules and regulations for a given broker carefully before deciding. Does hearing this phrase make you cringe? Make sure the broker offers hour service and a competent staff. A good way to test them is to call or send an e-mail with some test questions you can even let them know you are investigating the broker and see how they respond.

A good customer service department will not keep you waiting for long periods of time when you call in, they will respond quickly to e-mails, and they will most importantly answer your question. It is also a good idea to try to find other traders who have had experience with a particular broker and see what they think —this can be accomplished via forums, broker reviews, start currency trading with a practice account.

The Forex market is usually considered an unregulated market since there is not a central governing body; however, many countries have formed their own agencies to help regulate currency trading activities of brokers who reside within their jurisdiction. This is a valuable resource to help you evaluate your potential broker based on their willingness to register with an official organization and subject themselves to their oversight. The NFA Web site offers valuable resources for potential investors and should be visited in your journey to become an experienced Forex trader.

Start currency trading with a practice account you do not wish to use a U. Once you have selected the perfect broker, it is time to actually open an account. There are three main types of account options for you to choose from: This is a great option for new and experienced Forex traders.

You can execute trades as if they were real and make sure you are comfortable with the online tools offered and the manner in which you can place orders.

Additionally, you can practice Forex trading with fake money before using any real money kind of like Monopoly, except you are using high-tech online software instead of a pewter shoe. A normal or standard account is the traditional account of experienced Forex traders. Several advantages of a normal account are higher leverage, better margin requirements, and lower margin account interest rates. Normal accounts should only be opened once you have significant experience in Forex trading.

The exact procedures for opening an account online will vary from broker to broker, and they are usually intuitive since the broker wants to make it as easy as possible to open an account. We respect your email privacy. Please note that Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for start currency trading with a practice account. Is Online Trading for You? Not all Platforms are Created Equally The trading software offered by Forex brokers is one of the most important factors for your decision on which broker to use.

Is the software intuitive and easy for you to use? This will enable you start currency trading with a practice account manage and track your trades efficiently. One of the main advantages of trading online is the capability to view real-time quotes.

Along with real-time quotes should be the instant execution of a requested trade. Many systems will offer a point-and-click interface to easily place trades. Most online Forex brokers will offer some sort of charting and analysis software. Make sure that the tools offered suit your needs and can be used effectively.

Who Can You Trust? Types of Forex Accounts All right! Normal A normal or standard account is the traditional account of experienced Forex traders.

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