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A 60x zoom, easy file sharing, a convenient eye sensor, 4K video, and top-notch image quality make the B the most well-rounded superzoom camera. The Nikon Coolpix B is the only model we tested that includes an eye sensor to automatically switch from the rear display to the electronic viewfinder when you raise the camera to your eye—other cameras require you to press a button to switch.

The articulating screen lets you easily get shots with the camera below waist level or above your stock options q a900. It offers class-leading image quality, plus 4K video capture for high-quality home movies. And any photo you take can automatically and wirelessly transfer to your phone via SnapBridge, an always-on Bluetooth connection that takes some of the hassle out of sharing on social media.

It has faster autofocus and a nice touchscreen UI, but ts lack of an eye sensor and its slightly inferior image stock options q a900 hold it back. The FZ80 also has a number of helpful features such as focus peaking, and a silent setting for stealthy shots. This pocketable camera has only a 30x zoom but is much more portable. It also has a pop-up EVF and a stock options q a900 screen that flips up for taking selfies. Yet this small camera packs a 30x 24—mm lens, which offers stock options q a900 of coverage for general vacation-photo needs.

The tilting rear screen also flips up degrees, facing forward so you can take selfies. The FZ has only a 16x zoom lens, in contrast to stock options q a900 60x zoom on our top stock options q a900. Superzoom cameras let you shoot both wide-angle and extreme telephoto images without having to swap lenses.

A single superzoom camera can capture a sweeping mountainous landscape and also zoom in on a single bird perched atop a tree thousands of feet away. Image quality degrades even further as you raise the sensitivity. Shooting in good light, you can capture enough detail to make a nice-looking 8-by print.

In Canon made news by launching the first 50x zoom. Today, 60x superzooms are commonplace, and the Nikon Coolpix P has upped the ante die besten binare optionen signale higher with a ridiculously long 83x zoom.

Upgrading from a cheap entry-level camera will give you a big jump in zoom range, more manual controls, and an electronic viewfinder, but again, the image quality will be essentially the same. The upshot is, if you have an older-model superzoom that gives you only a 24—30x zoom range, and you need to crop your images heavily to get the magnification you want, consider upgrading.

You can identify most superzooms by their DSLR-like hump, which accommodates the electronic viewfinder EVFa mode dial, and buttons that let you easily change basic shooting settings. For more detail on exactly what I stock options q a900 and why, see our section about the competition. Ultimately, I narrowed down the contenders for our top pick to just three models: We called in all three models for a few days of real-world shooting and comparison.

Although none of the models we tested ticked all of the boxes on our checklist, the Nikon Coolpix B includes the most important features stock options q a900 could want in a superzoom. In particular, its eye sensor makes switching between the rear screen and the electronic viewfinder a breeze, the articulating rear LCD enables easy off-angle shooting, the raw capture is a great feature for anyone who owns image-processing software, and the impressive stock options q a900 zooms in to an incredible mm-equivalent focal length, long enough to fill the frame with a building located a mile away.

The B will let you capture almost any scene, from wide vistas… Photo: Stock options q a900 60x superzoom camera lets you take sweeping landscapes as well as close-ups of faraway attractions without carrying around a bunch of lenses. The trade-off is the image quality: In good light, you get crisp, natural-looking images that look great at Web size or posted to Instagram. Put your eye up to the EVF, and the camera automatically disables the rear screen, switching output to the tiny monitor above.

On our runner-up pick, you have to remember to press a button to switch between the stock options q a900 screen and the EVF. And while many people prefer using a rear screen to compose an image as they would on a smartphonein some instances an EVF is a much better option.

Vibration reduction helps you stay steady, even stock options q a900 low light and indoors. When you hold the camera in your hands, the system moves elements inside the stock options q a900 to counteract camera shake and deliver a sharp image. In our testing, it worked extremely well.

Even when your stock options q a900 is shaking, the image remains almost magically smooth, making it easier to frame your shot accurately. That results in far fewer total misses. On top of that, a secondary zoom lever on the side of the lens offers an effective way to control the lens while also encouraging a more stable grip on the camera.

The lever operates at a slower speed than the zoom lever around the shutter button, promoting more precise framing.

The B is the only camera we tested with such a zoom lever; all the others rely on the traditional zoom ring around the shutter button. Images will look good on screen up to about ISO To see any differences among cameras—and some minor ones do exist—you have to view the images on your monitor at percent, and at that magnification none of these cameras will deliver anything close to stock options q a900 or DSLR quality anyway.

To my eyes, the Nikon B narrowly beat out the Panasonic FZ80 for best overall image quality in our testing, while the Canon SX60 lagged further behind.

The Coolpix B shoots 4K video at 30 frames per second, with stereo sound. Pressing the dedicated video-record button is all you need to do to begin and end a recording. On our runner-up pick, you need to set the camera dial to movie mode to get accurate framing.

As with most cameras in this class, video footage from the B looks good but not great. Since SnapBridge works over Bluetooth LE low energyit can maintain an always-on connection, which means it sends photos to your device as soon as you take them—no action required on your part. Generally, this process takes a matter of seconds, but it can vary depending on the distance from your phone to the camera and other factors. Setting up SnapBridge is fairly easy, though I did have to try several times to get my phone a Nexus 5X to recognize the camera.

Once it was paired, however, it worked perfectly. In addition to file transfer, the SnapBridge app can serve as a remote control for the camera, allowing you to zoom in and out and to snap shots. If you want precise zoom control, you should forget the app and go hands-on with the camera. Since stock options q a900 shooting works over Wi-Fi rather than the more range- and speed-limited Bluetooth LE, you can wander pretty far from the camera and still retain control. I was able to walk all the way across my house and into the front yard before losing the connection to the B sitting on the desk in my office—a distance of about feet, with several walls in between.

To top up the battery, you can either plug the camera directly into a wall outlet with the included USB cable and AC stock options q a900 or skip the adapter and plug it directly into a USB port on your computer, battery backup, or power strip.

Some people prefer using an external charger because having one makes it easier to keep a spare battery charged and ready to go. Others stock options q a900 the thought of carrying around and keeping track of a separate battery charger, and prefer to charge their camera via USB instead. If you fall into the former camp, Nikon makes an external charger that you can buy separately.

Many of the shortcuts are hard to notice in day-to-day use, but some are less subtle. Frustratingly, the camera on occasion completely fails to find focus on distant landscapes, or even close-up subjects. As the aperture narrows, less light reaches the sensor, and it becomes tougher for the autofocus system to perform. The B has another annoying aperture-related quirk: Since the aperture narrows as you zoom in or opens up as you stock options q a900 out, the display turns dark black or bright white until you stop zooming.

Then, it suddenly snaps back into proper exposure. At high magnification levels, even the slightest camera movement can shift your zoomed-in view by several dozen yards. To combat this problem, stock options q a900 B stock options q a900 a zoom-assist button on the side of the lens.

Pressing and holding it temporarily zooms the camera out for a wider field of view, with a screen overlay showing the framing of stock options q a900 current zoom setting; releasing the button brings you back to your zoomed-in view.

We hope other camera makers adopt something similar in the future. A burst-shooting rate of just 5 frames per second means the B is slower than both its predecessor, the Coolpix P 7 fpsand our runner-up, the Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 10 fpsin that regard. The FZ80 also goes stock options q a900 step further with a 30 fps 4K Photo mode, recording 8-megapixel stills on a continuous basis for up to 15 minutes.

Burst shooting is available only in non-Auto shooting modes, and more-seasoned photographers might take issue with the fact that you have to dive into the main menu to switch to continuous shooting; in contrast, most other cameras make the option available through a dedicated self-timer button.

If you need the most responsive superzoom around and can live without niceties such as an EVF eye sensor or an articulating screen, the Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 is a worthy alternative to our top pick. One of the first things you may notice about the FZ80 is how smoothly it responds to user input: With the Nikon Coolpix B, in contrast, you feel a fractional delay as you wait for the AF motor to engage.

Essentially, this function lets you shoot 4K footage for up to 15 minutes stock options q a900 then extract any frame as an 8-megapixel still image. In general, the Panasonic FZ80 nearly matches the Nikon B in still-image quality and provides a more robust video mode. In general, we prefer a more generous wide-angle over a slightly longer telephoto. If small size is your top priority, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX80 easily fits in a jacket pocket or bag yet still boasts a 30x zoom lens, enough range to cover typical vacation-photo needs.

Capable of delivering image quality identical to that of our main picks and equipped with a flip-up rear screen, the HX80 is small enough to accompany you everywhere. Costing roughly twice as stock options q a900 as our top pick, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ is a great but expensive option if you prize image quality over extreme zoom range.

The FZ even shoots 4K video. A stock options q a900 OLED viewfinder, 12 fps burst shooting, and super-slow-motion video add to an already impressive list of features.

But the real draw here is its big image sensor and better image quality. This type of sensor is four times larger than those typically used in superzooms, so it captures much more detail in both the bright and dark areas of a scene. The downside is that you give up nearly 75 percent of the usual superzoom reach. Autofocus performance is also much better on the FZ next to our other picks.

I began my research by looking at 12 superzoom cameras. To narrow the field, I immediately dismissed especially low-end models such as the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H that use CCD sensors, a now-obsolete technology that produces poor image quality and low-resolution video files. That left just a few models for serious consideration.

But the B is advanced in many ways, which immediately disqualifies the P from consideration for stock options q a900 but bargain hunters who find it on clearance. Most notably, the P lacks 4K video, raw-image capture, and SnapBridge file sharing, all of which are crucial features of the B Its image quality lags behind that of frontrunners like the Nikon B and Panasonic FZ80, it lacks an eye sensor for automatic switching between the EVF and the rear LCD, and its stabilization and autofocus were the least reliable among the three models we tested this year.

After noting its brisk autofocus performance in good light, Amy Davies at TechRadar writes: Worse, the low-res EVFpixels will strain your eyes far more than theor 1,pixel viewfinders of our picks. But you pay a steep price in comfort and portability for that reach: The P weighs as much as a midrange DSLR with a kit lens, and takes up just as much space in your camera bag. We tested one for the last iteration of this guide, stock options q a900 while we found the zoom impressive, the P is literally more camera than most folks are willing to lug around.

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