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The manufacturer marks the product with a specific authentication code using his internal code structure. A test address is also supplied, this is a mobile telephone number for an authentication station. On-line communication is made by SMS, with the purchaser sending the code and date from the wahrend binaren handelman. The product name may also be transmitted. Decoding and authentication follow. Plausibility testing is carried out in conjunction with manufacturers data. An automatic SMS response is generated, pronouncing on the authenticity of the product.

The thus caused great economic damage burdened not only the manufacturers of the original products, but also the economy through reduced tax revenues and overall poorer job security. Because counterfeits or imitations are often of lower quality than the original wahrend binaren handelman, is in addition to the economic damage among consumers, particularly in pharmaceutical products and security technology, the risk of health damage.

Bei verschiedenen Kennzeichnungsverfahren zur Produktidentifikation werden bestimmte Sicherheitsmerkmale meist direkt vom Hersteller des Produktes auf ein Produkt und die Produktverpackung aufgebracht.

In various labeling methods for product identification certain security features are usually applied directly from the manufacturer of the product on the product and product packaging. This includes the various efforts for standardized marking of goods in trade in goods, which further rationalization of data and goods traffic and the organizational processes between manufacturers, retailers and service providers to be achieved. Currently, efforts are focused on a standardized use of wahrend binaren handelman systems based on radio frequency identification technology RFID.

This new labeling technology represents compared to the known EAN article number, a new form of product labeling for global identification of an individual article wahrend binaren handelman article component by an Electronic Product Code EPC.

For this purpose, the RFID transponders in a simple and thus inexpensive construction are provided as a suitable data carrier technology. This code should then all relevant wahrend binaren handelman and transaction data are made directly accessible in a yet to be created in many parts interconnected world.

The EPC number is similar to a serial number supplemented by EAN article number and thus enables to identify each piece of a product line in its function wahrend binaren handelman an access key. By a bit EPC implementation, a clear allocation of about 68 billion serial numbers for wahrend binaren handelman of more than 16 million products a possible excess of million manufacturers will. However, the means of RFID systems with EPC labeling requires relatively high investment costs due to the necessary hardware and process adjustment.

The ratio of costs and actually realizable performance in live operation range, transmission wahrend binaren handelman, the influence of confounding factors such as metal and water can currently be attractive only in selected applications RFID systems. With the EPC marking all product-related information could be wahrend binaren handelman assigned to form a complete tracking of deliveries and inventory levels is possible.

In addition to the logistics use in supply chain management, the available in different shapes and sizes RFID tags to label almost any objects are. For products for the consumer market, for example, additional information wahrend binaren handelman an Wahrend binaren handelman tag would be advantageous, which are necessary for wahrend binaren handelman issues, recycling processes or security purposes eg production or sales date, material composition, product theft, etc.

Particularly in the consumer sector of the CD recorded music, wahrend binaren handelman games and DVD movie support the product distribution is strongly affected by counterfeiting. The aim of the initiative is a seamless, unique identification of CDs by. UHF transponders, to increase the transparency of the supply chain, from theft and counterfeiting, to improve inventory management and for their own testing of a global Wahrend binaren handelman standards source: The basic purpose of the introduction of the RFID standards for product identification has not a product authentication by the user to the destination, but serves the global enterprise resource planning requirements in the transfer of goods.

To make matters worse, the wahrend binaren handelman to the end user that the reading of the RFID tags and the interpretation of the information obtained is only possible with speziller technology. For this reason, wahrend binaren handelman future solutions for specific product labeling will be required to perform a direct product authentication by the user. The basic purpose of the "authentication" of objects, products is not new among others. It wahrend binaren handelman several inventions on this subject, in which different techniques are used for wahrend binaren handelman identification for authentication.

For example, while the first marker a random alphanumeric labeling are used, which is applied to the product or to its immediate prepackaging and additionally encoded by a specific provision for a second marker.

Dieses codierte Ergebnis wird dann als zweite Markierung beispielsweise auf der Produktverpackung aufgebracht. That encoded result is then applied as the second marker, for example, on the product packaging. It is then sufficient to inform encoding wahrend binaren handelman relevant purchasers of the products the key or needed in each case the way the concatenated in order to verify the accuracy of coding.

The transmission of matching markers from a database of those customers who want to check authenticity of the product is unnecessary. However, a result wahrend binaren handelman a product globalized trade, the problem that an authorized end user on site to transmit the key and the decoding method and an wahrend binaren handelman decoding system for a specific product.

For general product users, this authentication is not applicable solution. In US-5,, for example, serial numbers may be used in combination with one or more random number codes and stored in a database as ID numbers. The force applied to a product package identification number can be checked by accessing the database wahrend binaren handelman then determines whether the random number code with the serial number wahrend binaren handelman.

An accompanying product card contains the entire identification number, but is located on the packaging of the product, only a second number of code not containing identification number.

In the authenticity check the identification number from the serial number with the first number code of the product packaging must fit together with the identification number from the serial wahrend binaren handelman and the second number code on the product card. For this purpose a database query with access to all authorized identification numbers is necessary.

Such access must be provided up to the Endanbieter for early detection of counterfeits all purchasers of the products. Dies ist mit erheblichem Aufwand verbunden. This is associated with considerable effort. The scanned image pattern can then be sent with the code data for remote testing to a control center.

Die Authentifizierung setzt eine spezielle technische Anlage voraus. Authentication requires special technical equipment. Zur Authentifizierung werden mit einer technischen Anlage die Eigenschaften verschiedener Emissionswerte der fluoreszierenden Substanz gemessen und mit authentischen Werten verglichen. The inventions listed require any special technical system solution in the product user to authenticate a product. Many consumer goods only an economic loss for the Original producer caused by the sale of copies and imitations, since the buyer in retail and wholesale can usually detect counterfeit products on price.

Consumer protection is, however, relevant in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, as well as the distribution of safety technology, since immediately entail risks to health and rapid product testing would be helpful. Advantages of the invention: The submitted invention offers this to the end user an easy and inexpensive alternative executable. This requires an established authentication instead of the manufacturer with an offer access address for the online review of product labeling with reference data from a database see claim 1.

Der pACode wird aus einer beliebigen herstellerbezogenen Produktidentifikationsnummer abgeleitet und zB durch Aufdruck dem Produkt zugeordnet. The wahrend binaren handelman is derived from any manufacturer-related product identification number, and for example, assigned by printing the product. He was to discourage counterfeiting, wahrend binaren handelman special structure obtained see below. In addition, it contains a directly belonging to the Product Product date which can be interpreted for example wahrend binaren handelman a production or expiration date.

In the provided authentication methods are tested: Durch die implementierte Verifikation von sichtbaren und unsichtbaren bzw. By the implemented verification of visible and invisible or unknown data, as well as their combinations will ensure that original data arbitrarily used are detected on counterfeit products. Particularly through the global distribution of the location and time-related aspect of authentic product data in a possible product testing of counterfeit products can be controlled with original data only by significant overhead of the counterfeiters in particular.

The basic principle of the invention filed consists in the application of a product-specific authentication code to a product, the establishment of an authentication entity by the manufacturer and the public announcement also on the product of an access address to the SMS mobile communication with the authentication entity. The authentication code can contain an individual product labeling wahrend binaren handelman represent a defined product class depending on the administration.

For an expanded audit nor the product name can be wahrend binaren handelman from the package. This inspection data is analyzed in the authentication entity, decrypted and analyzed in an authentication method.

In a plausibility check the extracted product data is verified with the stored manufacturer's data. The result statements are sent to the customer's language in an automatically generated SMS reply with the original data input to the sender.

With the submitted own method and system for direct online authentication of products, compared with the listed known solutions, the additional product labeling with a special authentication code and the use of mobile technology for product testing at any global location qualitatively new forms for a consumer protection and proposed for protection against counterfeiting. The process engineering principles of the invention are based on a product-specific authentication code pACode consisting protected from an encoded illustrated product identifier and a product-date, and is applied to a product according to claim 1 and 2 and is used for authenticity testing.

Die verwendeten Zeichnungen zeigen: In the drawings used: Principle procedure for product authentication, 2 2: Flow scheme wahrend binaren handelman authentication methods.

Technology for product authentication in the test system with quality levels during the plausibility check. To perform online authentication for this product. Under these conditions, the user is wahrend binaren handelman the opportunity to send the product characteristics of each site, with mobile network and to have it checked.

Used a text for product inquiry. Hierzu werden die Produktkenndaten von der Verpackung in einen SMS-Text eingetragen und an die angegebene Mobilfunkadresse der Authentifizierungsstelle For this, the product identification data is entered from the package in a SMS text, and to the specified mobile phone address of the authentication authority 4 4 versendet.

Thereafter, the user expects an SMS response with the test result. Die vom Kunden, Nutzer oder Verbraucher The customer, users or consumers 5 5 in in 2 2 von einem Produkt entnommenen Produktkenndaten pACode, Produktdatum, Produktname werden als Anfragedaten in das Kommunikationsmedium taken from a product Product Characteristics pACode, product date, product name as request information in the communications medium 6 6 eingegeben und zur Authentifizierungsstelle Entered and for authentication site 7 7 gesendet.

In the SMS inquiry the above product specifications are entered as unstructured text. In the mobile radio communication with the authentication authority is maintained over the transmitted callback address the medium used for the test response.

Im zweiten Verfahrensschritt In the second process step 10 10 wird nach dem produktspezifischen Authentifizierungscode pACode unter den gespeicherten Referenzdaten in der Datenbank Is according to the product-specific authentication code wahrend binaren handelman among the stored reference data in the database 11 11 recherchiert. Decoding of pACodes to its integrated product characteristics product identifier, product date in order for further testing to be able to use the encrypted content of wahrend binaren handelman authentication code.

Checked wahrend binaren handelman relation to the pACode data and the reference data of the manufacturer. Testing Technology shown will be described with the plausibility method. Is detected and extracted from their transmission format for data analysis. To secure a complete and correct data entry with the user pACode and the product date are expected as the minimum information for the verification procedure of authentication code.

Then the actual test of plausibility between the pACode, the product date and its wahrend binaren handelman validity status begins. This pACode exam is determined whether a product is in addition to a valid period of use and, if necessary. In an intended by the manufacturer and region. It follows then, if a real authentication code was used by a current product by the manufacturer for a forgery of another product from the same manufacturer, that is a real pACode of another product is used on a plagiarism with a real product name.

Weitere Ausgestaltung der Erfindung: Another embodiment of the invention: For online communication with an authentication authority an Internet address can also be used as a test address. The test response reappears on a website.

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