Fairtrade certification

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We have to get rid of the charity what is the purpose of fair trade certification of thinking. I see Fair Trade as doing two things: But now we are not boycotting something, we are supporting something positive.

Businesses that would like to adopt Fair Trade practices have to what is the purpose of fair trade certification certification licenses. The international Fairtrade Labeling Organization FLO sends representatives to the farms from which the products are purchased and ensures that the farmers adhere to the procedures outlined in the Fair Trade standards.

After successful completion of the process, the product is certified and the Fair Trade label can be displayed on it. The importer and the processor have to pay the costs for acquiring the license. The farmer himself does not have to carry the burden. However, it is worth noting, that some co-operatives encompass all these functions, therefore indirectly the farmer does end up paying.

They are constantly being monitored by an independent Boards of Trustees. Therefore, consumers can be quite certain that these organizations adhere to their standards as impartial and nonpartisan. Fair Trade products have to undergo a rigorous testing to acquire the certificate.

This works through a process of third-party auditing and certification. The Fair Trade what is the purpose of fair trade certification certifies as of now agricultural products, such as coffee, bananas, tea, sugar, rice, and fresh fruit. A slightly different system is used for handicrafts. Importing organizations for handicrafts such as Ten Thousand Villages have to register with the Fair Trade Federationwhich requires them to uphold a related but different set of standards to what is explained above.

When a product is branded with the Fair Trade Certified label, you know for sure that the Fair Trade standards have been met. In Europe for example, the Fair Trade movement has been instrumental in building up consumer pressure on coffee and banana companies to stop using forced and child labor and to examine their business practices, etc.

Therefore, the conscious decision to pay for Fair Trade products sends a message to competing companies. Send feedback to E-mail: How does Fair Trade work?

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